Building A Great Marriage

Author by : Elizabeth A. Ortlund
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Publisher by : iUniverse
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Description : Because the two of you look forward to many happy and fulfilling years together, you need to know how to get your marriage off to a good start. And keep it growing. In "Building a Great Marriage", Anne Ortlund presents building blocks for establishing a solid foundation: dealing with your expectations getting along with in-laws and your spouse's friends improving your sex life joining a local church keeping your relationship fun and intimate surviving the storms of daily living sharing and assigning responsibilities and many more aspects of the first years of marriage.

The Good Marriage

Author by : Judith S. Wallerstein
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Description : Incorporating the experiences of fifty couples who consider themselves happily married, the author distinguishes four types of marriage, identifies their natural stages, and details nine psychological tasks essential to a good marriage. By the authors of Second Chances. Tour.

The Good News About Marriage

Author by : Shaunti Feldhahn
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Publisher by : Multnomah
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Description : Divorce is not the biggest threat to marriage. Discouragement is. You’ve probably heard the grim facts: Half of all marriages end in divorce. The divorce rate inside the church is the same as outside. Most marriages are just holding on. But what if these “facts” are actually myths? In The Good News About Marriage, best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn presents groundbreaking research that reveals the shocking, incredibly inspiring truth: · The actual divorce rate has never gotten close to 50 percent. · Those who attend church regularly have a significantly lower divorce rate than those who don’t. · Most marriages are happy. · Simple changes make a big difference in most marriage problems. · Most remarriages succeed. For too long, our confidence in marriage has been undermined by persistent misunderstandings and imperfect data. This landmark book will radically change how we think and talk about marriage—and what we can dare to hope from it. “Shaunti takes aim at marriage myths that have spread like a cancer through our culture–myths that have become self-fulfilling prophecies. This book is packed with game-changing revelations. Like this one: Not only are most people staying married, they are happy in their marriages!” –Emerson Eggerichs, best-selling author of Love and Respect

Good Husband Great Marriage

Author by : Robert Mark Alter
Languange : en
Publisher by : Hachette UK
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Description : For men, and the women who love them, this is a highly controversial book on how to get - and be - a good husband. This book will appeal to the countless women who resent that their husbands never listen and that they have to nag in order to get them to do anything around the house; who feel like their husbands are always pawing at them to have sex; and who want more from their marriage. It will appeal to men who want to have more sex, less nagging, and wives who adore them. In short, GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE is the book for everyone. GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE is a hard-hitting, no-nonsense guidebook for men and women to help them fix their marriages. Robert Alter's central, controversial argument: the man is primarily responsible for the marital problems. Alter says to women: "You are right to want what you want from him." He says to men: "Stop thinking it's your wife's fault, and transform yourself into the good husband you know you have in you. " In 50 chapters, Alter describes the problem areas men face and what actions they can take to fix them. The chapters include: "How to Know When You're Being a Man as Opposed to When You're Being an Asshole," "How to Talk to Her," and "Your Anger: Cut the Shit." Alter's approach is straightforward and logical; he speaks to men in a language they understand. In addition, sections of the book will be geared for women where Alter will give advice to women on what they can do.

Radical Marriage

Author by : David Steele
Languange : en
Publisher by : Relationship Coaching Institute
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Description : "Radical Marriage provides clear ideas, easy strategies to follow, and a 'radical' new paradigm for creating the relationship of your dreams." - Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., Co-authors of Making Marriage Simple "Radical Marriage is an accessible and clear description of the steps for relationship success with many easy-to-follow strategies for making life and love better." - Don Ferguson, Ph.D. author of Reptiles in Love and The Couples' Manual "Radical Marriage is for couples in good marriages who envision something wonderful for their future together. The Steeles have given us a manifesto and road map for marriage as a more perfect union." -William J. Doherty, Ph.D., Professor of Family Social Science, University of Minnesota, author of Take Back Your Marriage: Sticking Together in a World That Pulls Us Apart "Is your marriage where you want it to be? This book will challenge you to take it to the next level, beyond where you ever thought it could be. Your marriage can be more - wonderfully more, extraordinarily more, radically more!" -- Greg and Priscilla Hunt, What kind of marriage do you want? Most couples don't want an ordinary, boring, routine relationship. They want excitement, fun, closeness, love. Marriage is an ancient institution rich with traditions and customs. As appealing as that may be, in today's modern culture, we want to forge our own path. We need security, but we also need excitement and adventure. Radical Marriage is a model for the next evolution of marriage and is new territory for committed relationships. Our marriage can be the greatest adventure of our life. It can be the vehicle for experiencing the excitement and fulfillment we've always wanted. We can only get so far on our own. To get the rest of the way, we need a committed partner. Radical Marriage promotes a much-needed paradigm shift from the perception of marriage as being old fashioned, obsolete, and with a high likelihood of failure, to a platform for the greatest adventure of our life. Radical Marriage is for couples with a good relationship who strongly believe that they are together for a reason, which is to experience life to the fullest through their relationship. This book provides solid guidance and strategies for creating a Radical Marriage, including- Radical Commitment (Chapter 2) Radical Communication (Chapters 3-6) Radical Intimacy (Chapter 7) Radical Romance (Chapter 8) Radical Sex (Chapter 9) Radical Living (Chapter 10) Radical Marriage will open your eyes, rock your world, and change your reality about marriage.

Elizabeth Baxter S Ten Secrets To A Happy Marriage

Author by : Karen Kingsbury
Languange : en
Publisher by : RosettaBooks
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Description : Karen Kingsbury's beloved character Elizabeth Baxter once penned a letter to her children. In that letter she included her very own Ten Secrets to a Happy Marriage. Over the years, Karen has been inundated with letters from readers wanting more of Elizabeth's secrets. Here, for the first time, are Elizabeth Baxter's Ten Secrets to a Happy Marriage - explained and expanded. This e-short is filled with real-life wisdom and advice, insight that will bring a greater love to any marriage

Real Love In Marriage

Author by : Greg Baer
Languange : en
Publisher by : Penguin
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Arguing that a loss of loving feelings is more responsible for failed marriages than any other factors, a step-by-step guide to staying in touch with and applying "Real Love" to a troubled marriage discusses such topics as anger management, assuming responsibility for one's own behavior, and self-change.

How To Date Your Wife

Author by : Stan Cronin
Languange : en
Publisher by : Cedar Fort
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Armed with their insights, Stan has written How to Date Your Wife--a book that can bring very large doses of happiness to marriages if the husbands will read the book and apply it. and wives, if they are wise, will do well to put the book in their husband's hands at their earliest opportunity.This book is about change! It proposes that a husband's primary goal needs to be to make his wife happy, and then it gives some very valuable instructions on how to make that goal a reality, using dating as the operative mechanism. In addition to focusing on improving a couple's interpersonal relationships, Stan gives very concrete suggestions for a wide variety of dating experiences.This is a truly valuable book for you, whether you are a wife or a husband! Read it, sow the seeds it provides, nourish them, and then together with the one you love, harvest the rich rewards of marital happiness which it advocates for you. It can change your life!

Hidden Keys Of A Loving Lasting Marriage

Author by : Gary Smalley
Languange : en
Publisher by : Zondervan
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Points out the common problems between husbands and wives and shows how to overcome them to build a successful relationship

Sexual Intimacy In Marriage

Author by : William Cutrer
Languange : en
Publisher by : Kregel Publications
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : In a humorous and caring manner, Dr. Bill Cutrer provides medically and spiritually competent advice to the most common questions that couples would like to ask but often don't. This is not just another technical manual that leaves out the personal dimensions of sexuality.