The American Society Of Addiction Medicine Handbook On Pain And Addiction

Author by : Ilene R. Robeck
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Publisher by : Oxford University Press
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Description : The American Society of Addiction Medicine Handbook on Pain and Addiction provides clinical considerations and guidelines for the clinician treating patients with pain and addiction. Produced by the largest medical society dedicated to the improvement of addiction care, the book takes an evidence-based approach and uses articles from both the literature and well-regarded organizations and government agencies including NIDA, CDC, SAMHSA, PCSS-O, and ASAM itself. The ASAM Handbook is structured in five sections that cover the core concepts of addressing pain and addiction; diagnosis and treatment; treating pain in patients with, or at risk for, co-occuring addiction; treating substance use disorders (SUD) and addiction in patients with co-occuring pain; and adapting treatment to the needs of specific populations. Each chapter ends with suggestions for further reading on the topics discussed. This book is ideal for primary care providers, mental health clinicians, SUD clinicians, and pain clinicians who wish to bridge the knowledge gaps related to treating patients with pain and addiction. To learn more about the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and its commitment to providing the best resources for addiction clinicians, please visit


Author by : David Sheff
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Publisher by : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Description : Combines personal stories and experiences with cutting edge research to describe a new way of treating substance addiction as well as accompanying mental illnesses.

Sex Drugs Gambling And Chocolate

Author by : A. Thomas Horvath
Languange : en
Publisher by : Impact Pub
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Description : There is an alternative to 12-step. Eliminate or reduce any type of addictive behavior with this practical and effective workbook. -- on back cover.

Addiction To Love

Author by : Susan Peabody
Languange : en
Publisher by : Celestial Arts
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Description : Love addiction manifests in many forms, from Fatal Attraction-type obsessive lust to less extreme but nonetheless psychologically and emotionally harmful forms. The most common of these is staying in a bad relationship because of a fear of being alone-the "I hate you but don'¬?t leave me" relationship. In ADDICTION TO LOVE, recovering love addict Susan Peabody explains the variety of ways this disorder plays out, from the obsessively doting love addict to the addict who can'¬?t disentangle from an unfulfilling, dead-end relationship. Peabody provides an in-depth and easy-to-follow recovery program for those suffering from this unhealthy and often dangerous addiction and explains how to create a loving, safe, and fulfilling relationship. A seminal work on unhealthy and obsessive behaviors in love, and how to change behavior to have a positive relationship. This third edition includes a new introduction and revisions to the text throughout. Some symptoms of love addiction include love at first sight, excessive fantasizing, abnormal jealousy, nagging, and accepting dishonesty. Even relationships with parents, children, siblings, or friends may be addictive-dependency is not always related to romantic love. Previous editions have sold more than 40,000 copies."Love addiction is a three-headed serpent that Susan Peabody adeptly slays. This is the quintessential book for any love addict or counselor needing to fully understand this highly prevalent and complex disorder. Susan detects and dissects aspects of this condition not comprehended in other books of its kind. Recovery is possible. This book makes it possible to take the succinct steps necessary toward a loving and reciprocal long-term intimate relationship."-Sudi Scull, M.F.T., C.N., psychotherapist and nutritionist From the Trade Paperback edition.

Freedom From Addiction

Author by : Deepak Chopra
Languange : en
Publisher by : Health Communications, Inc.
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Description : If you've ever wished you could just stop . . . – drinking – eating – smoking – gambling – shopping (pick one) For anyone struggling to break the cycle of addiction comes the groundbreaking approach from The Chopra Center, the world-renowned facility that has successfully helped thousands of people change their lives for the better. Chopra Center cofounder and medical director David Simon, M.D., and bestselling author and personal-growth expert Deepak Chopra outline their revolutionary approach--one that defies outmoded beliefs about recovery, particularly that people 'are' their addictions or that they are powerless to control them. By integrating the best of Western research with Eastern traditions, Simon and Chopra give anyone the tools to uncover the true cause of their addiction and provide comprehensive steps to end it for good. Readers will discover how to: - Recognize the purpose their habit serves and how to fill the void - Identify triggers and avoid relapse - Deal with disappointments, insecurities, or anger in ways that provide lasting relief, not a temporary high - Use meditation to counter stress - Choose foods and supplements that will detoxify the body and curb cravings By following the path thousands have used to turn their lives around, now anyone can have access to the renowned Chopra Center's program to achieve lasting freedom from addiction.

The Abstinence Myth

Author by : Adi Jaffe
Languange : en
Publisher by : Bookbaby
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Description : Breaking free of outdated explanations and rigid "rules" for recovery, The Abstinence Myth offers a hopeful, research-based framework for transformation by an addiction expert and renowned TEDx speaker who overcame his own addiction and has guided hundreds of clients into lives of joy and purpose. In this simple yet radical new book, Adi Jaffe, PhD, draws on his own life experience, cutting-edge research, and work with hundreds of clients and families to offer a new perspective on addiction and a new pathway out of its grasp. The Abstinence Myth introduces the IGNTD RECOVERY METHOD, including: - Details of Adi's dramatic and inspiring personal story.- The Mythology of Addiction and how it gets in our way with spiritual, biological, psychological, and environmental assumptions that are, in fact, only true some of the time for some people.- Why the concept of "abstinence" is often a barrier to change and is not necessary for everyone for all time.- Important research that will shift your thinking, sense of hope, and success. - Why shame can keep holding you back--and finding the way out.- An explanation of the 3 IGNTD principles and the 9 steps to personalize your unique recovery path.It's time to throw out the "rulebook." You can overcome the hopelessness, the doubt, and move forward. You can create a life you're proud of. Whether you're seeking help for yourself, a loved one, or anyone you might be guiding through a personal transformation, The Addiction Myth will change lives

Overcoming Crystal Meth Addiction

Author by : Steven J. Lee
Languange : en
Publisher by : Marlowe & Company
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Description : A practical resource for general readers offers complete coverage of the drug, its effects, and how to overcome addiction, drawing on the author's experience as a crystal meth psychologist to address such topics as diagnosing one's addiction, working through a reluctance to quit, and coping with setbacks. Original.

Healing Life S Hidden Addictions

Author by : Archibald D. Hart
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Publisher by :
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Description :

Excessive Appetites

Author by : Jim Orford
Languange : en
Publisher by : Wiley
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Description : This eagerly awaited new edition of Excessive Appetites will offer you a complete and comprehensive revision of this classic text in the field of addictions. Covering a wide variety of different forms of addiction from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, through to gambling, eating and sex this book provides an up-to-date and authoritative account of core knowledge in this vital area. Comprehensive coverage, from the origins and processes of addiction right through to the ways in which people overcome their addictions, and the implications for interventions.


Author by : Stanton Peele
Languange : en
Publisher by : Da Capo Press
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Description : Stanton Peele--a world-renowned addiction expert, therapist, and author whose books have sold more than 1 million copies--has challenged and changed the way people understand addiction and recovery for the past four decades. In Recover!, Dr. Peele dispenses with the "addiction-as-disease" model, explaining that the origins of addiction are as complex and unique as the people who find themselves in its grip. Dr. Peele's holistic treatment program combines the best evidence-based treatments with the cutting-edge use of a meditation-based consciousness movement. With practical steps and exercises, Recover! presents a life-transforming path for overcoming self-destructive compulsions forever.