Wave (Deraniyagala book)

By | February 2, 2015

Wave (Deraniyagala book)Wave book description: The book starts with the author at a beach-side hotel on the Sri Lankan coast with her family. She gave the first hint at the impending disaster in the second line of the book, “The ocean looked a little closer to our hotel than usual”. She describes that, within minutes, things changed before her eyes, and her family was lost when they were washed away somewhere “far away”. The author frequently laments her loss throughout the book. Deraniyagala is nostalgic of days before the tidal wave. She yearns for those days to be back, but fate does not allow it. Critics have called it a book with a lot of grief.

Years after the disaster, Deraniyagala owns her husband’s flat in London, and she is suicidal. She writes that “an army of family and friends” watched over her, day and night. She wishes to forget her haunted memories of the day, but is unable to do so.


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