A Critical Study Of Iris Murdoch S Fiction

Author by : Kum Kum Bajaj
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Publisher by : Atlantic Publishers & Dist
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Description : The Fictional Scene In England, Immediately After The Second World War, Makes An Interesting Reading. Many Critical Studies Have, In Great Depth, Investigated The Historical Processes To Highlight The Various Directions The Novelists Moved In Then. At The Same Time, There Was A Concurrent And A Deliberate Attempt On The Part Of These Novelists To Discard The Heritage Of 'Modernism.' Iris Murdoch, Who Is One Of The Most Prominent Novelists Of This Period, Also Shared The Distrust Of Her Contemporaries For The So-Called Literary Radicalism. However, She Remains Distinct As A Writer Among Her Contemporaries, In Her Awareness Of The Problems Of The Novel And Language, In Her Adherence, Both To The Idealism About Human Potentiality And Perfectibility That Liberal Humanism Had Contained. But She Is Also Conscious Of The Limited Individual Capacity To Reach That Ideal. Her Creative Career Is Marked By Her Desire To Bring Back To The Novel, Some Of Its Earlier Comprehensive Vision Of Life, Society And Human Character.The Present Book Attempts To Reveal Those Important Areas Of Murdoch'S Thought Which Set Her Apart From Other Novelists Writing At That Time. Her Search For Literary Metaphors Which Aim At Restoring To Novel Some Of Its Lost Moorings Is A Significant, Almost Iconoclastic Effort. Taking Help From Her Non-Fictional Treatises, An Attempt Has Been Made In This Book To Highlight The Platonic Burden Of Her Literary And Aesthetic Creed.

The Mystic Way In Postmodernity

Author by : Sue Yore
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Publisher by : Peter Lang
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Description : This book challenges experiential, esoteric and colloquial understandings of mysticism by bringing a fresh relevance to the term through an interdisciplinary dialogue between literature, mysticism and theology in the context of postmodernity. In order to achieve this, the author takes selected writings of Iris Murdoch, Denise Levertov and Annie Dillard, and incorporates them into various stages of a redesigned mystic way. The fourteenth-century mystic Julian of Norwich is invoked throughout as a role model whom these three writers seek to emulate as popular writers, contemplatives and theologians. As theologians who are concerned with the pressing issues of our age, Grace Jantzen, Dorothee Soelle and Sallie McFague are drawn on as conversation partners to complete the three-way discussion. The author maintains that understanding the writing and reading of creative texts in the context of practical mysticism facilitates an integrated approach to the use of literature for theological expression.

Iris Murdoch Philosophical Novelist

Author by : Miles Leeson
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Publisher by : A&C Black
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Description : This book provides a concise and highly readable reassessment of Iris Murdoch's engagement with philosophy throughout her life and proposes that she was, most importantly, a philosophical novelist. By investigating her use of philosophical argument in her fictional writing, it becomes clear that her narratives always depend upon a strong metaphysical underpinning. Leeson proceeds thematically through the philosophical phases of Murdoch's life and develops a clear argument that Murdoch reacts against the philosophies of Sartre, Plato, Nietzsche and Heidegger not only in her philosophical writings but also in her fiction. Indeed, it is in her fiction that her philosophical argument is most persuasive and accessible. This timely study provides new information regarding Murdoch's engagement with Martin Heidegger and also provides a detailed critique of critics who have overlooked Murdoch's engagement with philosophy within her fiction.

Modern Utopian Fictions From H G Wells To Iris Murdoch

Author by : Peter Edgerly Firchow
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Publisher by : CUA Press
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Description : This book aims to put the fiction back into utopian fictions. While tracing the development of fiction in the writing of modern utopias, especially in Britain, it seeks to demonstrate in specific ways how those utopias have become increasingly literary--possibly as a reaction not only against the "social scientification" of modern utopias but also in reaction against the modern attempt to institute "utopia" in reality, notably in the former Soviet Union but also in consumerist, late-twentieth-century America.

Iris Murdoch Connected

Author by : Mark Luprecht
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Publisher by : Univ. of Tennessee Press
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Description : "Iris Murdoch was one of the most interesting and wide-ranging philosophers in recent British history. In addition to her five works on moral philosophy and existentalism, including Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals, she was the author of twenty-five works of fiction, including The Sea, the Sea, winner of the Booker Prize, and The Black Prince, winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. This collection reassesses her literary and philosophical output, focusing on her key literary works and the influence she had among contemporary philosophers" --

Iris Murdoch And Her Work

Author by : Mustafa
Languange : en
Publisher by : Columbia University Press
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Description : This book explores different aspects of Murdoch's work including her philosophy and fiction, focusing on a wide variety of issues ranging from reading "Murdoch as a fabulator" to the central role Murdoch plays in the "ethical turn." Approaching Murdoch's work from multiple perspectives, this book is of interest for Murdoch scholars, literature and philosophy students, as well as for general readers.

Iris Murdoch Gender And Philosophy

Author by : Sabina Lovibond
Languange : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : Iris Murdoch was one of the best-known philosophers and novelists of the post-war period. In this book, Sabina Lovibond explores the tangled issue of Murdoch's stance towards gender and feminism, drawing upon the evidence of her fiction, philosophy, and other public statements. As well as analysing Murdoch's own attitudes, Iris Murdoch, Gender and Philosophy is also a critical enquiry into the way we picture intellectual, and especially philosophical, activity. Appealing to the idea of a 'social imaginary' within which Murdoch's work is located, Lovibond examines the sense of incongruity or dissonance that may still affect our image of a woman philosopher, even where egalitarian views officially hold sway. The first thorough exploration of Murdoch and gender, Iris Murdoch, Gender and Philosophy is a fresh contribution to debates in feminist philosophy and gender studies, and essential reading for anyone interested in Murdoch's literary and philosophical writing.

The Visual Arts And The Novels Of Iris Murdoch

Author by : Anne Rowe
Languange : en
Publisher by : Edwin Mellen Press
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Description : This study reveals the visual arts as vital inspiration for many thematic and formal aspects of Iris Murdoch's fiction. It relates the paintings that appear in the novels to her experimentation with form, her attempts at rendering consciousness and to her philosophy. Finally, a study of characters who experience spiritual revelations in front of famous paintings endorses the centrality of the sublime in Murdoch's fiction and demonstrates how painting serves to liberate characters and readers alike from an illusory fantasy world.

Agencies Of The Good In The Work Of Iris Murdoch

Author by : Diana Phillips
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Publisher by : Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
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Description : In part one Iris Murdoch's work is set against its contemporary background. Her concept of Man, as seen both in her fiction and in her philosophical work, is discussed with special attention being paid to the influence of Plato, J.P. Sartre, Simone Weil,

Iris Murdoch

Author by : Kate Begnal
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Publisher by : G K Hall
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Description :