A Troubled Man With A Violent Past

Author by : Daniel Buck-Burgoon
Languange : en
Publisher by : AuthorHouse
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Description : This book is a fictional story of a man who had a good life. The short summery of his existence would be too much pressure of his peers and difficulties of life to drown him in his own sorrow and sink him in to one of the worst troubles any one could bare. His pressures and habits would cost him his rights and freedom.

Man On His Past

Author by : Herbert Butterfield
Languange : en
Publisher by : CUP Archive
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Description :

A Search Past Silence

Author by : David E. Kirkland
Languange : en
Publisher by : Teachers College Press
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Description : This beautifully written book argues that educators need to understand the social worlds and complex literacy practices of African-American males in order to pay the increasing educational debt we owe all youth and break the school-to-prison pipeline. Moving portraits from the lives of six friends bring to life the structural characteristics and qualities of meaning-making practices, particularly practices that reveal the political tensions of defining who gets to be literate and who does not. Key chapters on language, literacy, race, and masculinity examine how the literacies, languages, and identities of these friends are shaped by the silences of societal denial. Ultimately, A Search Past Silence is a passionate call for educators to listen to the silenced voices of Black youth and to re-imagine the concept of being literate in a multicultural democratic society.

Man S Prehistoric Past

Author by : Hawthorne Harris Wilder
Languange : en
Publisher by : Wildside Press LLC
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Description : A meticulous study of prehistoric man and his society, with current parallels, by Dr. Harris Hawthorne Wilder, Ph.D., professor of Zoology, Smith College. Features numerous drawings and photographs.

A Desired Past

Author by : Leila J. Rupp
Languange : en
Publisher by : University of Chicago Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : In this book, the author combines a vast array of scholarship on supposedly discrete episodes in American history into a story of same-sex desire across the country and the centuries.

A Shadow From The Past

Author by : B. Weston Rook
Languange : en
Publisher by : Xlibris Corporation
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Description : WWW.BWESTONROOK.COM Randy Curtis was a shy backward kid who grew up in the sleepy town of Edgewater. Naturally, the girl who he loved, Lori, didnt feel the same way about him. And of course, he was always the target of schoolyard bullies, particularly Brad Bedford. On the night of graduation, he finally and dramatically taught his tormentors a lesson and revealed his feelings for Lori, and then disappeared with no intentions of ever returning. But years later, when his mothers death is clouded in suspicion, he returns to Edgewater only to find that he not only has to face his past, but also deal with a complex set of new enemies and obstacles. A Shadow From the Past is an earnest novel, deeply felt and worked out with a good deal of honesty and force. Randy Curtis, returning to Edgewater after a mysterious 10-year absence for his mothers funeral is able at last to set his life to rights, reconcile and find true love with Lori, the girl who had abandoned him (and who he in turn had abandoned), and bring to justice the four teenagers who terrorized his helpless mother. But in the process Randy is forced to become something dark, something secret, something that he fears will ultimately be his own demise.

Past And Present

Author by : Thomas Carlyle
Languange : en
Publisher by : 北戴河出版
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Description : Here is Carlyle's new poem, his Iliad of English woes, to follow his poem on France, entitled the History of the French Revolution. In its first aspect it is a political tract, and since Burke, since Milton, we have had nothing to compare with it. It grapples honestly with the facts lying before all men, groups and disposes them with a master's mind, and, with a heart full of manly tenderness, offers his best counsel to his brothers. Obviously it is the book of a powerful and accomplished thinker, who has looked with naked eyes at the dreadful political signs in England for the last few years, has conversed much on these topics with such wisemen of all ranks and parties as are drawn to a scholar's house, until, such daily and nightly meditation has grown into a great connection, if not a system of thoughts; and the topic of English politics becomes the best vehicle for the expression of his recent thinking, recommended to him by the desire to give some timely counsels, and to strip the worst mischiefs of their plausibility. It is a brave and just book, and not a semblance. "No new truth," say the critics on all sides.

In Pursuit Of The Past

Author by : Lewis R. Binford
Languange : en
Publisher by : Univ of California Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Many consider Lewis Binford to be the single most influential figure in archaeology in the last half-century. His contributions to the "New Archaeology" changed the course of the field as he argued for the development of a scientifically rigorous framework to guide the excavation and interpretation of the archaeological record. In this book, first published nearly two decades ago, Binford provided students and general readers with an introduction to his challenging and provocative ideas about understanding the human past. Now available again, this important component of Binford's intellectual legacy will convey the drama and intellectual excitement of contemporary archaeology to a new generation of archaeologists and others interested in the field. Throughout the book, Binford questions old ideas and proposes new theories based on his comparative archaeological and ethnographic research in North America, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. A new afterword by Binford surveys the direction archaeology has taken since the publication of this book and shares his hopes for the future of the discipline.

The Last Man

Author by : Charles Kenney
Languange : en
Publisher by : Ballantine Books
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : For decades Gerta Wahljak has been haunted by a photograph of ten Nazi officers taken in the concentration camp where she was imprisoned during the Holocaust. Since emigrating to the United States, she has carefully traced and recorded the fates of nine of these men. But there is one whom she has been unable to track--until now. While Gerta waits in her Boston cardiologist's office, she sees another patient who she is almost sure is the last man. She will not be at peace until she knows. After interviewing Gerta, assistant U.S. Attorney David Keegan is shocked to learn that he is closely linked to the man he's investigating. For the man accused of being a former Nazi is none other than Frederick Schiller, married to a renowned Jewish activist and the father of the woman Keegan loves. Poised to become U.S. attorney, Keegan suddenly finds his life maliciously uprooted. Someone envious of his rise to power will stop at nothing to ruin him . . . leaking the volatile story to the press and hoping Keegan's reputation is blackened in the firestorm. David Keegan is a man also haunted by the past, obsessed by his quest to uncover the facts behind his mother's death when he was a child. But as he pursues the truth about his mother, he must deal with the explosive case of Frederick Schiller. As newspaper headlines hurl accusations about Schiller and his wife, the two are forced to relive a dark history that was meant to be buried forever. Now Keegan must decide whether to risk his career to help the parents of the woman he loves. A gripping, relentlessly plotted story about the ambiguity of morality, the power of an unresolved past, and the necessity of forgiveness, The Last Man twists like a thriller, but has the truth-seeking depth of great fiction. Profound in theme and peopled with characters that possess a refreshing vitality, it is a novel that will breathlessly race you to its stunning, climactic finish.

The Changing American Theatre Mainstream And Marginal Past And Present

Author by : Yvonne Shafer
Languange : en
Publisher by : Universitat de València
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Aquest llibre d'assajos presenta una panoràmica del desenvolupament del teatre nord-americà des de principis del segle XIX fins a l'actualitat. Mostra els canvis que el teatre va reflectir a mesura que creixia el país i es modificava la societat. Amb cada dècada, una expressió més completa de la cultura nord-americana, amb la seva gran varietat, apareixia en obres de teatre, musicals i revistes. Els assajos analitzen els esforços de figures marginals -sobretot dramaturgs i productors no comercials, afro-americans i dones- per dur a terme una ampliació de l'espectre del teatre nord-americà quant a la dramatúrgia, disseny, representació i construcció dramàtica.