A Way Of Being

Author by : Carl Ransom Rogers
Languange : en
Publisher by : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Written by the founder of humanistic psychology, Rogers traces his personal and professional life from the 1960s to the 1980s, and offers new insights into client-centered therapy.

Heidegger S Way Of Being

Author by : Richard Capobianco
Languange : en
Publisher by : University of Toronto Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Richard Capobianco makes the case that the core matter of Heidegger's lifetime of thought was Being as the temporal emergence of all beings and things.

A Way Of Being Free

Author by : Ben Okri
Languange : en
Publisher by : Head of Zeus
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : From Booker Prize-winner Ben Okri: twelve of his most controversial non-fiction pieces form this collection on the theme of freedom. Ranging from the personal to the analytical, covering subjects such as art, politics, storytelling and creativity, A WAY OF BEING FREE confirms Okri's place as one of the most inspiring of contemporary writers. 'All I wanted to do was to remind myself at all times to just sing my song. To just sing it through all the difficulties and silences' BEN OKRI.

Learning As A Way Of Being

Author by : Peter B. Vaill
Languange : en
Publisher by : Jossey-Bass
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : In Learning as a Way of Being, Vaill offers a thoughtful critique of the roots of management education and argues that, if managers are to navigate the waters skillfully, insitutions of "higher learning" must, above all, teach managers how to integrate the discipline of learning into their very being. Such learning must be marked by strong self-direction, willingness to taker isks, and integration of the learning that life teaches outside the classroom.

More Time To Think

Author by : Nancy Kline
Languange : en
Publisher by : Hachette UK
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. The leaders, professionals, parents and teachers who understand this are at the top of their fields and inspire some of the finest independent thinking in their environments. In More Time to Think, Nancy Kline shares ten effective ways to help people think for themselves with rigour, imagination, courage and grace. From learning that the mind works best in the presence of a question (so never be afraid to risk being wrong) and that a key factor in the quality of a person's thinking is how they are treated by the people with them while they are thinking, to the importance of appreciation and of facing what you have been denying, Nancy Kline shows how to create a successful Thinking Environment, whether for two people or a larger group.

Spiritual Intelligence

Author by : Brian Draper
Languange : en
Publisher by : Lion Books
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : According to the philosopher Danah Zohar (who coined the idea of spiritual intelligence), we live in a 'spiritually dumb' culture, alienated from each other, too busy to take time to reflect, and trying desperately to juggle the myriad pulls and pushes of life without cracking up. How can we find meaning from meaninglessness, hope from despair, reconciliation from alienation and wholeness from fragmentation? In this book, Brian Draper asks how ordinary people, whether religious or not, can nudge themselves (or be gently nudged) to live on a daily basis with increasing integrity, wholeness and well-being - to become more spiritually intelligent. The book is split into 4 main sections: 'awakening', 'seeing your world afresh', 'living the change' and 'passing it on'. The narrative style is contemplative, reflective and engaging.


Author by : David Hillel Gelernter
Languange : en
Publisher by :
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Written for observant & non-observant Jews & also anyone interested in religion, this work seeks to answer the question of what Judaism is really about?

Each Moment Is The Universe

Author by : Dainin Katagiri
Languange : en
Publisher by : Shambhala Publications
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : An important figure in the transmission of Zen to America, Dainin Katagiri Roshi (1928-1990) was assistant to the legendary Zen master Suzuki Roshi (author of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind) before founding the Minnesota Zen Center in Minneapolis. Katagiri Roshi was known for his direct, rousing, no-nonsense teaching style, urging his students along with statements like: "You are Buddha, so learn to behave as a Buddha," and "Don't expect enlightenment-just sit down!" In this new book, Katagiri presents Zen Master Dogen's classical teachings on being and time (uji). Most Westerners consider time a commodity or resource, thinking of it as something they can save, spend, make, buy, use, or waste. In Zen, time is considered a creative force and a gateway to freedom. In Each Moment Is the Universe, Katagiri explains time as something internal and integrated with all of life. Time is understood as a dynamic process that continuously produces the universe. Although this may seem like a metaphysical abstraction, in Zen practice this can be perceived through direct experience.

The Contemplative Counselor

Author by : Rodolfo R Nolasco Jr
Languange : en
Publisher by : Fortress Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : The contemplative approach to life, care, and counseling demands a daily call to surrender the underlying attitude of meritocracy that heavily emphasizes good works to produce successful results in counseling. At a fundamental level, the contemplative counselor exhibits an unwavering reliance on the grace of God, which transforms all that is descriptive of the counseling encounter.--From publisher description.

An Introduction To The Reformed Tradition

Author by : John H. Leith
Languange : en
Publisher by : Westminster John Knox Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : A concise and readable study for laypersons and clergy alike, this book is indispensable for all informed people in many different confessional communities. With the passion of one who not only observes but believes, John Leith touches on all aspects of Reformed history, theology, polity, liturgy, and Christian culture with a balance of enthusiasm and critical judgment that always rings true.