Disaster Preparation And Survival How We Survived Hurricane Katrina And Other Calamities

Author by : John I. Blackwood
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Description : Many people find themselves unprepared when a disaster strikes. This guide will force you to think about what you need to do in order to survive such an occurrence and not lose the things that matter most, such as your life (and the lives of your family), prized personal possessions, home and garage, and pets. We discuss how to prepare your home in order to avoid as much damage as possible, how to shop wisely and when to do so, generator use, and more! We also detail how to survive in the aftermath of a disaster when stores, gas stations, and public utilities are not functioning. At the end of the book are a number of checklists to guide you in your preparation.We survived an earthquake, a flooded out home, tropical storms, and hurricanes. This story is laced with personal stories, personally taken pictures, humor, and enough serious subject matter that you will feel motivated to get to work now!Our planning saved us and our possessions. We know that our experiences and insight can help you too!

Prepare Today Survive Tomorrow

Author by : LG Wellington
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Publisher by : Blue Star Books
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Description : This book will introduce you to a wealth of information on emergency preparation, and will provide your family or organization with important strategies, insights, tips, guidelines, and lists on how to prepare for a disaster. Survival planning is nothing more than realizing a disaster could happen that would put everyone in a survival situation and, with that in mind, taking steps to increase your chances of survival. Although helping others is certainly meaningful, worthwhile, and in some cases, necessary, the main emphasis of all household or organization team members should be to purchase, gather, and store resources and supplies for your own team members. Everyone must be encouraged and expected to provide for themselves. We have been encouraged through religious, education, scientific, and government media to prepare for these future events.

Survival Essentials For Beginners How To Prepare For Disasters And Survival For Modern Day Preppers

Author by : Old Natural Ways
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Publisher by : FASTLANE LLC
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Description : The Best Guide For Preparing And Surviving A Disaster There are many kinds of disasters. Some are natural and some are results of human activities. Humans are always at risk whether they believe it or not. Coastal states fear tsunamis. Countries within the Ring of Fire fear the effects of volcanic eruptions. Deserts and landlocked areas are prone to sand storms while snow-covered countries are prone to blizzards. There are also hurricanes wreaking havoc in their wake all the world. Aside from these natural disasters, man-made disasters such as terrorism, outbreak of viruses, wars, and others pose risks to a lot of people. Through the course of history, you can see that disasters left humans helpless to the point that they are unable to tend to themselves and their families leaving many casualties behind.

Surviving Hurricane Katrina

Author by : Kira Freed
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Publisher by : The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
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Description : This captivating book offers a close and exciting account of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, recounting what it was like to live through and survive this disaster. Readers will gain a unique perspective of the enormity of the tragedy and a greater appreciation of those who experienced it and survived its aftermath. With stunning images and gripping text, this book offers readers a new perspective of this tragedy, and readers will gain a greater appreciation for the power of mother nature.

Preparedness And Response For Catastrophic Disasters

Author by : Rick Bissell
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Publisher by : CRC Press
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Description : Based on a popular course for the FEMA Higher Education project, Preparedness and Response for Catastrophic Disasters provides important insight into plans to mitigate and respond to the devastation caused by large-scale catastrophic events. Hurricane Katrina provided clear evidence that these occurrences are both qualitatively and quantitatively different from other disasters. Recent tragedies, like the 2004 South Asia tsunami, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and resulting nuclear plant meltdown in Japan further illustrate that we are not prepared for such events. Written by top disaster scholars and practitioners, the book defines what constitutes a catastrophic event, outlining both the factors that can lead to catastrophes and the unique logistical, planning, and response challenges posed by them. Distinct from general disasters, these events are termed "catastrophic" due to the regional impact, impacts to logistics and infrastructure, the devastating effects on large-scale populations, and the ripple effects on regional and global economies. Preparedness and Response for Catastrophic Disasters examines why catastrophes must be approached differently. If governments, public administrators, and emergency management professionals are to succeed in protecting our populations, there must be consensus, decisiveness, and leadership in both the coordination and response. In addition, there must be a fundamental recognition that catastrophic events compromise the very infrastructure—public utilities, delivery of goods and service, schools, business functions, and government—that supports communities and upon which modern society is based. As such, the book explores how catastrophes can dramatically affect populations and addresses new, innovative, and fundamentally unique strategies communities can institute to better prepare populations for catastrophic events and their aftermath.

Real World Survival

Author by : Richard Lowe, Jr.
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Publisher by : Writing Kingy Press
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Description : Have you ever been in an earthquake or hurricane? Have you witnessed the horror of a raging forest fire or a house burning down? Have you felt the panic when you realized you were lost in the wilderness? Have you experienced a medical emergency in an area where no help was available? Sometimes you can avoid creating a disaster by preparing properly for a trip or hike. Other disasters occur with little or no warning. Hurricanes, for example, can be predicted, but sometimes they change course or grow in intensity beyond what was expected. Even though a disaster can strike anytime without warning, you can be prepared. You can maintain a good supply of water, food, and other supplies, and get some training from your local CERT group. Your road to disaster preparedness begins with knowledge. Virtually everyone has the Internet at their fingertips these days, and you can use tools such as search engines and mapping software to learn more about the area in which you live. This book will give you the knowledge and tools you need to help weather any disaster likely to strike in your area. Be prepared: read this book and change your habits.

Checklist For Staying Healthy

Author by : Rex Lee Reynolds
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Publisher by : Michael Williams
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Description : Also available in wholesale quantities at discount prices at www.momentsofmagicphoto.com/wholesale.htm.All natural methods of staying healthy, staying younger and living longer.You notice "Staying Healthy" in the title, and wewould presume that in order to stay healthy we shouldbe healthy from the start, to get the maximum benefitsfrom what's inside this book. In the event you are nothealthy it would be most suggestible to seek the helpof your medical doctor in order to become healthy.If you’re happy, healthy and wealthy let’s keep it thatway by using what's in this book.The truth about AIDS is revealed. You may also beinterested to know about which supposedly reputablepharmaceutical company pleaded guilty, and paid thebiggest criminal fine in history for healthcare fraud.This Book Is Simple, Easy To Read, To The Point.This Is Not A Cure-All, Not For People In Bad Health.Contains Essential Secrets To Staying Healthy, StayingAlive Longer And Living Better.

Red Alert

Author by : Cynthia Cauthern
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Publisher by : iUniverse
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Description : After the devastation and horror of Hurricane Katrina, local and federal authorities stated that they cannot help everyone during a natural disaster, flu pandemic, or bioterrorist attack, so individuals must be able to help themselves. Will you be prepared? Do you know your proposed evacuation route, or how long you can survive in your house? "Red Alert: Becoming Self-Sufficient for the Next Bioterrorist Attack and Flu Pandemic" provides details to help you plan for the next catastrophe. It also breaks down the exact threats likely to occur, and includes an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to becoming self-sufficient within twelve weeks to survive the next pandemic or bioterrorist attack. "Red Alert" includes sections on home emergency kits, plans for pets, and facts about the most likely epidemics and pandemics. Politicians and scientific experts have said not to wonder whether these attacks will occur, but when. With "Red Alert," you can develop a response plan. Don't wait another moment-be prepared!

Surviving And Thriving In Uncertainty

Author by : Frederick Funston
Languange : en
Publisher by : John Wiley & Sons
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Description : A new book to help senior executives and boards get smart about risk management The ability of businesses to survive and thrive often requires unconventional thinking and calculated risk taking. The key is to make the right decisions—even under the most risky, uncertain, and turbulent conditions. In the new book, Surviving and Thriving in Uncertainty: Creating the Risk Intelligent Enterprise, authors Rick Funston and Steve Wagner suggest that effective risk taking is needed in order to innovate, stay competitive, and drive value creation. Based on their combined decades of experience as practitioners, consultants, and advisors to numerous business professionals throughout the world, Funston and Wagner discuss the adoption of 10 essential and practical skills, which will improve agility, resilience, and realize benefits: Challenging basic business assumptions can help identify "Black Swans" and provide first-mover advantage Defining the corporate risk appetite and risk tolerances can help reduce the risk of ruin. Anticipating potential causes of failure can improve chances of survival and success through improved preparedness. Factoring in velocity and momentum can improve speed of response and recovery. Verifying sources and the reliability of information can improve insights for decision making and thus decision quality. Taking a longer-term perspective can aid in identifying the potential unintended consequences of short-term decisions.

Beyond Disasters Creating Opportunities For Peace

Author by : Michael Renner
Languange : en
Publisher by : Worldwatch Institute
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Description : In Beyond Disasters: Creating Opportunities for Peace, Michael Renner and Zoe Chafe examine the recent experiences of Indonesia's Aceh province, Sri Lanka, and Kashmir, among others, and suggest ways to better integrate disaster and conflict responses.The authors note that the human toll taken by natural disasters is increasing, adding to the list of deadly challenges faced by poor communities and countries worldwide. Recorded disasters nearly doubled between 1987 and 2006, while the number of people affected by these disasters increased more than 10 percent. Women, children, and the elderly are among those most vulnerable.The report concludes that the intersection of disasters, conflict, and peacemaking requires interdisciplinary responses from governments, international donors, and civil society.