Indian Caste System

Author by : R.K. Pruthi
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Publisher by : Discovery Publishing House
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Description : Contents: Introduction, The Caste System, India s Social Customs and Systems, The Changing Concept of Caste in India: History and Review, Society: Class, Family and Individual, Division of Castes, Expulsion from Caste, Caste System: A Case of South India, Caste System in India, Various Rules: Religion and Caste, Organisation and Jurisdiction, Disintegration and Multiplication of Caste, Caste and Structure of Society, Our Social Heritage.

Economic Thought Of Gandhi And Nehru

Author by : O. P. Misra
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Publisher by : M.D. Publications Pvt. Ltd.
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Description : The book arrives at the conclusion that neither Gandhian economic thought nor Nehruvian economic thought is germane to our purpose. Their harmonious blending is the only sovereign remedy to India's poverty, unemployment, economic disparity, population explosion and rural-urban imbalance.

E Discovery Tools And Applications In Modern Libraries

Author by : de Smet, Egbert
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Publisher by : IGI Global
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Description : Technology has revolutionized the ways in which libraries store, share, and access information. As digital resources and tools continue to advance, so too do the opportunities for libraries to become more efficient and house more information. E-Discovery Tools and Applications in Modern Libraries presents critical research on the digitization of data and how this shift has impacted knowledge discovery, storage, and retrieval. This publication explores several emerging trends and concepts essential to electronic discovery, such as library portals, responsive websites, and federated search technology. The timely research presented within this publication is designed for use by librarians, graduate-level students, technology developers, and researchers in the field of library and information science.

The Oxford Student S History Of India

Author by : Vincent Arthur Smith
Languange : en
Publisher by : Oxford : Clarendon Press
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Description :

Drug Discovery And Clinical Research

Author by : SK Gupta
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Publisher by : JP Medical Ltd
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Description : The Drug Discovery and Clinical Research bandwagon has been joined by scientists and researchers from all fields including basic sciences, medical sciences, biophysicists, biotechnologists, statisticians, regulatory officials and many more. The joint effort and contribution from all is translating into the fast development of this multi-faceted field. At the same time, it has become challenging for all stakeholders to keep abreast with the explosion in information. The race for the finish-line leaves very little time for the researchers to update themselves and keep tabs on the latest developments in the industry. To meet these challenges, this book entitled Drug Discovery and Clinical Research has been compiled. All chapters have been written by stalwarts of the field who have their finger on the pulse of the industry. The aim of the book is to provide succinctly within one cover, an update on all aspects of this wide area. Although each of the chapter dealt here starting from drug discovery and development, clinical development, bioethics, medical devices, pharmacovigilance, data management, safety monitoring, patient recruitment, etc. are topics for full-fledged book in themselves, an effort has been made via this book to provide a bird’s eye view to readers and help them to keep abreast with the latest development despite constraints of time. It is hoped that the book will contribute to the growth of readers, which should translate into drug discovery and clinical research industry’s growth.

The British Raj

Author by : Charles River Charles River Editors
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Publisher by : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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Description : *Includes pictures *Includes contemporary accounts written about the Raj by British and Indians *Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading "A significant fact which stands out is that those parts of India which have been longest under British rule are the poorest today. Indeed some kind of chart might be drawn up to indicate the close connection between length of British rule and progressive growth of poverty." - Jawaharlal Nehru, The Discovery of India The British East India Company served as one of the key players in the formation of the British Empire. From its origins as a trading company struggling to keep up with its superior Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish competitors to its tenure as the ruling authority of the Indian subcontinent to its eventual hubristic downfall, the East India Company serves as a lens through which to explore the much larger economic and social forces that shaped the formation of a global British Empire. As a private company that became a non-state global power in its own right, the East India Company also serves as a cautionary tale all too relevant to the modern world's current political and economic situation. On its most basic level, the East India Company played an essential part in the development of long-distance trade between Britain and Asia. The trade in textiles, ceramics, tea, and other goods brought a huge influx of capital into the British economy. This not only fueled the Industrial Revolution, but also created a demand for luxury items amongst the middle classes. The economic growth provided by the East India Company was one factor in Britain's ascendancy from a middling regional power to the most powerful nation on the planet. The profits generated by the East India Company also created incentive for other European powers to follow its lead, which led to three centuries of competition for colonies around the world. This process went well beyond Asia to affect most of the planet, including Africa and the Middle East.. Beyond its obvious influence in areas like trade and commerce, the East India Company also served as a point of cultural contact between Western Europeans, South Asians, and East Asians. Quintessentially British practices such as tea drinking were made possible by East India Company trade. The products and cultural practices traveling back and forth on East India Company ships from one continent to another also reconfigured the way societies around the globe viewed sexuality, gender, class, and labor. On a much darker level, the East India Company fueled white supremacy and European concepts of Orientalism. Ultimately, the company's activity across the Indian subcontinent led to further British involvement there, and the British Raj, a period of British dominance and rule over India that formally began in 1857 and lasted until 1947, remains a highly debated topic amongst historians, political scientists, the British people, and the people of modern India. It's necessary to seek an understanding of the people, forces, and events shaping the history of British India to arrive at valid conclusions about the British-Indian experience and to understand the continued divide over its legacy. Perhaps then it's possible to answer Lewis's question: "Is it possible that British rule was both destructive and creative at the same time?" The British Raj: The History and Legacy of Great Britain's Imperialism in India and the Indian Subcontinent looks at the importance of British colonialism in the region, and how it has affected the course of history to this day. Along with pictures and a bibliography, you will learn about the British Raj like never before.

Billions Of Entrepreneurs

Author by : Tarun Khanna
Languange : en
Publisher by : Harvard Business Press
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Description : China and India are home to one-third of the world's population. And they're undergoing social and economic revolutions that are capturing the best minds--and money--of Western business. In Billions of Entrepreneurs, Tarun Khanna examines the entrepreneurial forces driving China's and India's trajectories of development. He shows where these trajectories overlap and complement one another--and where they diverge and compete. He also reveals how Western companies can participate in this development. Through intriguing comparisons, the author probes important differences between China and India in areas such as information and transparency, the roles of capital markets and talent, public and private property rights, social constraints on market forces, attitudes toward expatriates abroad and foreigners at home, entrepreneurial and corporate opportunities, and the importance of urban and rural communities. He explains how these differences will influence China's and India's future development, what the two countries can learn from each other, and how they will ultimately reshape business, politics, and society in the world around them. Engaging and incisive, this book is a critical resource for anyone working in China or India or planning to do business in these two countries.

Prehistoric Painting Of Bhimbetka

Author by : Yashodhar Mathpal
Languange : en
Publisher by : Abhinav Publications
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Description : Prehistoric Rock Paintings Of Bhimbetka By Dr. Yashodhar Mathpal Is The First Exhaustive Study Of A Single Rock Art Site In India. It Covers The Entire Art Activity In The Form Of Paintings Found In 133 Caves At Bhimbetka, Central India, The Largest Concentration Of Rock Paintings In The Country. For The First Time Copies Of Prehistoric Cave Paintings Have Been Made On The Spot, In Original Colour, To Scale And With Original Background. All The Superimpositions Of Figures Have Been Copied. For The First Time Indian Rock Paintings Are Dated 10,000 Years Back On The Firm Ground Of The Archaeological Findings From The Excavations Of Painted Caves. For The First Time Indian Rock Paintings Have Been Studied In Their Historical Perspective. For Example, The First Discovery Of Rock Paintings Was Made In India 12 Years Before Their Discovery Of Altamira In Spain. India Is Also The First Country To Recognize The Antiquity Of Rock Paintings. For The First Time Too The Maximum Literary, Ethnologic And Archaeological Evidences Have Been Researched For Evidence Of Drawing Material, Motivation And The Antiquity Of Rock Paintings. In His Foreword To This Monumental Work Professor H.D. Sankalia Says: This Work Is Unique Because For The First Time Prehistoric Indian Paintings Are Evaluated By A Scholar Who Is Artist By Nature And Training And A Trained Prehistorian, And Thus Eminently Qualified To Write On The Subject.

Tracing Your British Indian Ancestors

Author by : Emma Jolly
Languange : en
Publisher by : Casemate Publishers
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Tracing Your British Indian Ancestors gives a fascinating insight into the history of the subcontinent under British rule and into the lives the British led there. It also introduces the reader to the range of historical records that can be consulted in order to throw light on the experience of individuals who were connected to India over the centuries of British involvement in the country.Emma Jolly looks at every aspect of British Indian history and at all the relevant resources. She explains the information held in the British Library India Office Records and The National Archives. She also covers the records of the armed forces, the civil service and the railways, as well as religious and probate records, and other sources available for researchers. At the same time, she provides a concise and vivid social history of the British in India: from the early days of the East India Company, through the Mutiny and the imposition of direct British rule in the mid-nineteenth century, to the independence movement and the last days of the Raj. Her book will help family historians put their research into an historical perspective, giving them a better understanding of the part their ancestors played in India in the past.

History Of Ancient India A New Version From 7300 Bb To 4250 Bc

Author by : J.P. Mittal
Languange : en
Publisher by : Atlantic Publishers & Dist
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : The Present Book, New History Of Ancient India, Is An Attempt To Present The Indian History In The Light Of Recent Discoveries And Excavations Made In This Field. The History Of India Before The Invasion Of Alexander The Great In 328 B.C. Has Been Generally Considered A Myth. Accordingly, Brahma, Vishnu And Mahesh, Manu And Mandhata, Harishchandra And Bhagirath, Shri Rama And Shri Krishna, All Have Been Treated Non-Historical, Mythical Personages. But The Recent Discoveries Like Those Of Dwarika Of Shri Krishna In The Sea And Lanka Of Ravana In Orissa As Well As The Authentic Determining Of The Date Of Floods, That Find Mention In The Purana, Have Outrightly Refuted The Past Presumptions. With New Things Coming To Light, It Is Desirable That History Be Rewritten. It Is With This View That The Present Book Has Been Written. It Aims At Presenting The Information In An Analytic Manner And Also In Chronological Order. Beginning From The Vedic Yuga, The Book Presents An In-Depth Study Of Devasura Yuga, Satya Yuga, Dwapar Yuga And Kaliyuga. All The Information, Both Conventional And Recent, Provided In The Book Are Authentic As They Are Taken From The Authoritative Sources. The Book Is Unique In Its Presentation As It Richly Provides Maps Of Ancient States, Photographs And Figures, Which Not Only Give A Glimpse Of The Related Age Or Yuga But Also Facilitate Easy Understanding Of Information. Since Miracles, Exaggerations, Mysteries And Supernatural Powers Find No Reference Here, The Book Can Be Held A Complete, Authoritative Text On Ancient Indian History.It Is Hoped That The Students, Research Scholars And Even Teachers Of Indian History Will Find This Book Highly Useful And Indispensable For Having A Thorough And Updated Knowledge Of Ancient India. Even The General Readers Will Find This Book Extremely Interesting And Informative.