Evolving God

Author by : Barbara J. King
Languange : en
Publisher by : University of Chicago Press
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Description : Where does religion come from? Evolving God examines the origins of religion in prehistory and how the evolution of primates gave rise to behaviors that we identify as spiritual. As a biological anthropologist, King has studied monkey and ape behavior in Africa and approaches the topic from her observations of individuals and their connections to each other and to their larger group. Researchers have reported reconciliation behavior, rituals, and meaning-making among apes. King suggests a religious imagination emerged out of a sense of belonging to a group and cognitive empathy. She presents a wide array of examples drawn from archeology, biology, and anthropology from prehistoric hominids to the first evidence of human religion. The overviews of the historical record and opposing positions about the origins of religion are a very useful introduction to evolution and religion in prehistory. This Second Edition includes a 25-page Afterword on recent studies relating to King s work and how her own ideas have evolved."

Evolving God Images

Author by : Edited by Patrick J. Mahaffey, PhD
Languange : en
Publisher by : iUniverse
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Description : More than a century ago, Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed the death of God as a defining characteristic of the modern world. Even so, religion continues to have a pervasive influence in the postmodern world of the twenty-first century. Since the 1970s, there has been a dramatic resurgence of religion and spirituality. This collection of reflective essays explores spirituality and its changing relationship to culture, individual identity, and society in our increasingly globalized, postmodern world. Born out of a doctoral seminar at Pacifica Graduate Institute entitled "The God Complex," the essays provide a personal understanding of diverse and conflicting worldviews and attitudes about religion, secularity, nature, and the purpose of human existence. with a rich range of perspectives, each offering provides a powerful testament to the interdisciplinary study of myth, religion, and depth psychology as a means for revisioning one's understanding of the divine. Praise for Evolving God-Images "A deeply moving example of what can happen in the classroom when, almost magically, the professor's wisdom and enthusiasm, the archetypal power of the subject matter itself, and the openness of the students converge."--Dr. Christine Downing, author of the Goddess: Mythological Images of the Feminine and Gods in Our Midst: Mythological Images of the Masculine "A marvelous and unique collection of essays devoted to re-visioning conceptions of divinity."--Dr. Evans Lansing Smith, author of Sacred Mysteries: Myths About Couples in Quest

The Evolving God

Author by : J. David Pleins
Languange : en
Publisher by : A&C Black
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Description : Offers a new appreciation of Darwin as a religion thinker and a better understanding of his positive contributions to the study of religion.

God And The Evolving Universe

Author by : James Redfield
Languange : en
Publisher by : Random House
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : From James Redfield, the author of the phenomenal international bestseller, The Celestine Prophecy, and Michael Murphy, the author of the bestselling Golf in the Kingdom, with documentary filmmaker Sylvia Timbers, comes the story of the past, present and future of human potential - and a journey that can take contemporary seekers to the next level of spiritual evolution. Written with the insight of the The Celestine Prophecy and representing a unique pairing of global visionaries, God and the Evolving Universe is a book that deepens our knowledge of personal growth and shows how each of us can begin to integrate our extraordinary experiences into a heightened synchronistic flow - allowing us to participate consciously in an unfolding evolutionary adventure. With exercises that readers can use to develop the abilities they are reading about, God and the Evolving Universe heightens readers' awareness of their place in personal/planetary evolution and sets the stage for actualizing the next level of human potential.

Creator God Evolving World

Author by : Cynthia S. W. Crysdale
Languange : en
Publisher by : Fortress Press
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Description : Cynthia Crysdale and Neil Ormerod here present a robust theology of God in light of supposed tensions between Christian belief and evolutionary science. Those who pit faith in an almighty and unchanging God over against a world in which chance is operative have it wrong on several accounts, they insist. Creator God, Evolving World clarifies a number of confused assumptions in an effort to redeem chance as an intelligible force interacting with stable patterns in nature. A proper conception of probabilities and regularities in the world's unfolding reveals neither random chaos nor a predetermined blueprint but a view of the universe as the fruit of both chance and necessity. By clarifying terms often used imprecisely in both scientific and theological discourse, the authors make the case that the role of chance in evolution neither mitigates God's radical otherness from creation nor challenges the efficacy of God's providence in the world.

Exploring The Evolving View Of God

Author by : John M. Perry
Languange : en
Publisher by : Rowman & Littlefield
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Exploring the Evolving View of God outlines cultural and historical limitations that continue to shape our language and ideas about God. It relates abstract thinking about God to the concrete history of ancient Israel and draws parallels between Israel's history and the New Testament confession of Jesus as Messiah.

The Evolving God In Jewish Process Theology

Author by : William E. Kaufman
Languange : en
Publisher by : Edwin Mellen Pr
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description :

God S Plan Of Creation

Author by : Robert N. Smith
Languange : en
Publisher by : AuthorHouse
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Description : Gods Plan of Creation: Written for All Gods Children Who Want to Know and Are Not Afraid to Think offers scripturally informed answers to questions arising in peoples minds as they wonder about the nature of God and His designs for all of creation. By using a three-part structure that examines the Siege, the Legacy, and the Story, Robert N. Smith brings to bear both his long study of the Scriptures and his insights to provide guidance for all who want to know and are not afraid to think. The first part, the Siege, presents an inquiry and review of humanitys continuing efforts to gain hold of its Legacy. The focus of the second portion of Gods Plan of Creation, the Legacy entails the gifts that God has chosen to give to humanity and that people today have received from the hands of their forebears in the faith. Finally, the Story displays a visual timeline of creation, plotting out key points of theology and cosmology. It is laid out landscape, therefore it does not fit the book format. Part 3 is in progress and will follow soon. If you see the world in all its beauty, complexity, and diversity and you find yourself wondering about the God who made all things and about His desires for how humanity fits into His plans, then Gods Plan of Creation: Written for All Gods Children Who Want to Know and Are Not Afraid to Think will pour out insights worth pondering. It takes a fearless and eyes-wide-open look at God and His plans and invites you to join in a journey of vision and discovery.

Perspectives On An Evolving Creation

Author by : Keith B. Miller
Languange : en
Publisher by : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : According to the authors of this book, who explore evolutionary theory from a clear Christian perspective, the common view of conflict between evolutionary theory and Christian faith is mistaken. Written by contributors representing the natural sciences, philosophy, theology, and the history of science, this thought-provoking work is informed by both solid scientific knowledge and keen theological insight. The three sections of the book address (1) relevant biblical, historical, and scientific background, (2) the scientific evidence for an evolving creation, and (3) theological issues commonly raised in connection with evolution, including the nature of God's creative activity, the meaning of the miraculous, and the uniqueness of humankind. Woven through the volume are short meditations designed to direct readers toward worshiping the God of providence. Contributors: Laurie J. Braaten Warren S. Brown Jr. David Campbell Robin Collins Edward B. Davis Terry M. Gray Jeffrey K. Greenberg Deborah B. Haarsma Loren Haarsma James P. Hurd Conrad Hyers David N. Livingstone Keith B. Miller John C. Munday Jr. George L. Murphy Mark A. Noll Robert John Russell Howard J. Van Till David L. Wilcox Jennifer Wiseman

Tomorrow S God Evolving

Author by : Ed Boles
Languange : en
Publisher by : Untreed Reads
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : This is a story of hope; a spiritual quest for purpose and perspective pursued by shamen and philosophers, elders and children, technocrats and scientists alike. From a barrier island off the coast of Mississippi to a backwoods community of working folks struggling from day to day while holding stubbornly to dreams unrealized, from the Clear Creek Institute headquarters of the Culpepper Foundation tucked away in a quiet corner of a rural south Mississippi county, to the Sibun River Gorge within the Maya Mountains of Belize, Tomorrow's God Evolving opens a new world to readers. Sam Coleman, Assistant Director of the Bureau of Pollution Control, has seen his life plow into a professional rut. His job is becoming more overwhelming, his efforts less effective and more political as the years roll by, confronting challenges and compromises with every move within the perpetual war he wages against senseless and increasing environmental crimes. He has devoted most of his working life battling against defiant corporate will and blind consumer self-interests, working through sluggish and convoluted bureaucracies, only to be checked by well-funded politicians and lawyers. Sam has finally had enough and is ready for a change. Traveling home after long days in the field working a styrene spill in the Lower Mississippi River, Sam pulls off at a phone booth along a desolate stretch of Louisiana back-road to place the call that will initiate that change. From that moment his life takes an unexpected turn that launches him on a fateful course interwoven with that of a lone, travel-weary hitchhiker, a wanderer in perpetual motion without a conscious destination. The traveler is a man borne of conflicting cultures who struggles to find his place in a rapidly changing world, a dream walker who accepts fate as readily as the sustenance of food and water. He has seen a vision of the evolution of a special embryo, an Earth seed born from a womb of tissue and steel to be sown by the hands of children, a sphere of a billion genetic codes delivered through a portal of time and light, to live beyond the life of this withering world. Or, maybe, it is all just the dream walk of a dying man, slumped beside a phone booth along a desolate stretch of south Louisiana highway.