The Broken Academy Complete Series

The Broken Academy Complete Series
Author: Jade Alters
Publsiher: Untamed Love LLC
Total Pages: 1314
Release: 2022
ISBN: 1928374650XXX
Category: Fiction
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Broken Academy Complete Series Book Excerpt:

Shapeshifters and Dragons destroy their rooms. Vampires sneak off to feed unsupervised. Beings that should never have been brought to this Realm are allowed to grow their preternatural powers without restriction. A dangerous concoction is brewing unchecked at the Broken Academy. Subterfuge and shifting allegiances are the rule. At the center of the dawning war are two of the most powerful students ever to walk the halls. One, a magical prodigy of ancient lineage. The other, a hybrid-gone-rogue the Council once sought to snuff out. Amidst the uncertainty, an ancient enemy lurks and a magical mishap just opened the door… Emery Dalshak and Cece Ford hold the fate of the Realm in their hands but will their united magic carry enough power to settle scores born in the Age of Legends? Complete Series Collection Includes: Power of Fire, The Broken Academy Year 1 Power of Magic, The Broken Academy Year 2 Power of Blood, The Broken Academy Year 3 Pacts & Promises, The Broken Academy Year 4 Bonds, The Broken Academy Year 5 The Broken Academy is a why choose, slow burn paranormal romance; the steam increases through the series. Each book covers one year at the academy, is written from different perspectives and features one or more headstrong heroines and layered heroes. A significant amount of time is spent developing the history and lore of the world. All of the books can be read as standalone stories however series order is recommended to fully maximize enjoyment. Author note: The romance is described as "why choose" instead of reverse harem as each central female characters has her cake and gets it to eat it too, with multiple concurrent love interests that ebb and fall throughout the series, however there are no steamy scenes with multi-partner action. Select Reviews for The Broken Academy Series: "Jade Alters’ latest reverse harem starts with some heat and continues to fan the flames. Her new world is stunning and worth exploring. I cannot wait for Power of Magic and Power of Blood.." ★★★★★ "It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish. There's action, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, twist/turns, enemies, survival, intrigue, humor, mystery/secrets, surprises, family, friends, conflict, resolution, confusion, confidence, strength, courage, revenge, anger, magic, conspiracy, tragedy, struggles, stubbornness, romance, passion/lust and love. There's dragons, demons, vampires, fey, magicians, shifters, astral travelers and so many more characters in this story." ★★★★★ "All I can say is WOW! This book takes you on a rollercoaster ride from page 1. " ★★★★★ "This book made me warm moist and intoxicated from one eye popping ravenous page to the next. This story was definitely smokin hot with an intriguing storyline that kept me thirsty excited and on edge. Magician. Dragon. Demon. And vampires. Oh the plot keeps thickening and the world around them gets more twist with every turns are they doomed I love this book it was so crazy I can't wait for the next it was such a page-turner took my breath away definitely 5 * read." ★★★★★ Keywords: paranormal romance, romantic books, romance ebooks, books to read and download, contemporary romance, paranormal romance books, ebooks romance, romance books for adults no cliffhangers, supernatural romance books, paranormal romance books full novel, steamy romance books, happily ever after, guaranteed HEA, no cliffhangers, happy for now, HFN, Reverse harem, menage, why choose, MMF, vampire books, shifter books, friends to lovers, opposites attract, enemies to lovers, witchcraft books, magician, magic, wizard, college romance, adventure, collection, complete series,