Islam And Bosnia

Author by : Maya Shatzmiller
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Publisher by : McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
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Description : An exploration of the causes of the Bosnian war by academics and diplomats that offers the broadest perspective on the conflict to date.

Dervishes And Islam In Bosnia

Author by : Ines Aščerić-Todd
Languange : en
Publisher by : BRILL
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Description : In Dervishes and Islam in Bosnia, Ines Aščerić-Todd explores the importance of dervish orders and Sufism in the formation of Muslim society in the first two centuries of Ottoman rule in Bosnia (15th - 16th centuries C.E.).

Being Muslim The Bosnian Way

Author by : Tone Bringa
Languange : en
Publisher by : Princeton University Press
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Description : "I have been able to follow a Bosnian community over a period of six years, during which it has undergone dramatic changes. In the late 1980s people were working hard against economic crisis. In 1990 they were full of optimism for the future. In January 1993 the village was in fear, surrounded by war on all sides. In April 1993 it was attacked by Croat forces. In October 1993 none of the Muslims in the village remained. They had either fled, been placed in detention camps, or been killed." Thus begins Tone Bringa's moving ethnographic account of Bosnian Muslims' lives in a rural village located near Sarajevo. Although they represent a majority of the population in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian Muslims are still members of a minority culture in the region that was once Yugoslavia. The question of ethno- national identity has become paramount in this society, and the author focuses on religion as the defining characteristic of identity. Bringa pays particular attention to the roles that women play in defining Muslim identities, and she examines the importance of the household as a Muslim identity sphere. In so doing, she illuminates larger issues of what constitutes "nationality." This is a gripping and heartfelt account of a community that has been torn apart by ethno-political conflict. It will attract readers of all backgrounds who want to learn more about one of the most intractable wars of the late twentieth century and the people who have been so tragically affected.

Bosnia The Good

Author by : Rusmir Mahmut?ehaji?
Languange : en
Publisher by : Central European University Press
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Description : An indictment of the partition of Bosnia-Herzegovina, formalized in 1995 by the Dayton Accord. The war in Bosnia divided and shook the country to its foundations, but the author argues it could become a model for European progress. The greatest danger for Bosnia is to be declared just another ethnoreligious entity, in this case a 'Muslim State' ghettoized inside Europe. The author examines why Western liberal democracies have regarded with sympathy the struggles of Serbia and Croatia for national recognition, while viewing Bosnia's multicultural society with suspicion.

The War In Bosnia Herzegovina

Author by : Steven L. Burg
Languange : en
Publisher by : M.E. Sharpe
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Description : This is a probing analysis of the crisis in Bosnia and the dilemmas surrounding international efforts to resolve it. The authors analyze the causes and conduct of the war; why, for more than three years, international efforts to resolve the conflict in Bosnia failed; and why one such effort finally succeeded in late 1995. They review the provisions of the Dayton accord and ask whether subsequent experience supports the hope that the accord will lead to long-term peace in Bosnia.

The Muslims Of Bosnia Herzegovina

Author by : Mark Pinson
Languange : en
Publisher by : Harvard CMES
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Description : Ranging from medieval times to the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1992, this volume concentrates on the internal development of the Muslim community in Bosnia-Herzegovina and its relations with various suzerains. This updated edition features new bibliographic material, including a new section on resources covering Eastern Europe and the former Yugoslavia available through the Internet.

Bosnia Herzegovina In Pictures

Author by : Mary Englar
Languange : en
Publisher by : Twenty-First Century Books
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Description : Introduction to the history, culture and ethnic diversity of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Islam In The Balkans

Author by : Harry Thirlwall Norris
Languange : en
Publisher by : Univ of South Carolina Press
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Description : The tragic events that began to unfold in the former Yugoslavia at the beginning of the 1990s have drawn the world's attention to the history and rich culture of the Muslim communities of Bosnia especially, but also of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia - the historic heartland of Muslim Europe. Here H. T. Norris breaks new ground by focusing on their religious and intellectual links with the Arab world, Persia and Central Asia, whereas the few previous publications on the subject have been mostly concerned with the more obvious links between the Balkan Muslims and the Turks. Norris illustrates from a wide range of sources the many channels through which the Arabs and Persians were linked with Balkan peoples, especially after the Ottoman conquest, in their art, architecture, literature and religion - direct contacts were also forged through Sufism. From the earliest times, also, many Balkan Muslim soldiers and bureaucrats, as well as scholars and poets, made an impact on the wider Islamic world, the most prominent being Mohammed Ali, the founder of modern Egypt. The resurgence of Muslim identity in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Kosovo has of course much to do with the aggressive nature of Serbian nationalism. But it is also a legacy of the region's relations over many centuries with the Arab countries and Persia, now given a new meaning in the wake of Serbian attempts to 'cleanse' Sarajevo and other cities of their Muslim inhabitants. As the wider world has become aware, for the first time in several generations, of the phenomenon of Muslim Europe, many people of all persuasions now want to know and understand more about it, and the forces which have been tearing ancient communities apart and threatening a wider conflagration. Up till now, the sources available to them have been largely concerned with power politics, economics and demography. H. T. Norris's cultural investigation, the fruit of many years' research, corrects this imbalance.

Islam Under The Double Eagle

Author by : Robert J. Donia
Languange : en
Publisher by : East European Monographs
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Description :

Remaking Muslim Lives

Author by : David Henig
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Description : The violent disintegration of Yugoslavia and the cultural and economic dispossession caused by the collapse of socialism continue to force Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina to reconfigure their religious lives and societal values. David Henig draws on a decade of fieldwork to examine the historical, social, and emotional labor undertaken by people to live in an unfinished past--and how doing so shapes the present. In particular, Henig questions how contemporary religious imagination, experience, and practice infuse and interact with social forms like family and neighborhood and with the legacies of past ruptures and critical events. His observations and analysis go to the heart of how societal and historical entanglements shape, fracture, and reconfigure religious convictions and conduct. Provocative and laden with eyewitness detail, Remaking Muslim Lives offers a rare sustained look at what it means to be Muslim and live a Muslim life in contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina.