Lucky Me Engaging A World Of Opportunities And Challenges

Author by : David C. Cole
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Description : This book explores an adventurous life of engagement in the challenges of economic development in a destitute China (1946-47), war-torn Korea (1951-52), divided Vietnam (1955-1957), and post-Sukarno Indonesia (1966-71). It also relates the author's subsequent experiences helping South Korea enter onto its high growth trajectory and Indonesia to modernize its financial system. Interspersed are vignettes of academic life at Deep Springs College, Cornell University, University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University and Harvard, and the challenges of working with the Navajo Nation to extract revenue and reduce pollution from exploitative coal-mining and power companies, as well as trying to devise an appropriate and viable approach to rural development for the remote, politically and culturally divided district of Abyei, on the border between North and South Sudan. Finally, it describes the author's efforts at preserving environmental and historical resources in Southeast Massachusetts. Throughout, the book recounts and acknowledges the important roles of teachers, colleagues, friends and family in enriching the author's fortunate life.

Handbook Of Research On Women S Issues And Rights In The Developing World

Author by : Mahtab, Nazmunnessa
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Publisher by : IGI Global
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Description : Equal rights for women are an essential aspect for establishing strong societies. By making strides on these issues, nations are helping to create valuable civilizations for their own population to establish livelihoods in. The Handbook of Research on Women's Issues and Rights in the Developing World is a pivotal scholarly resource that discusses the current issues facing women’s rights in developing nations, as well as suggestions for improvements on these problems. Featuring in-depth discussions on relevant topics such as working-class women, gender theories, and international migration, this publication is an ideal resource for academicians, students, and researchers that are interested in learning more about the current challenges to the women’s rights movement, and how to best combat them.

The Necessity Of Strangers

Author by : Alan Gregerman
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Publisher by : John Wiley & Sons
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Description : A counterintuitive approach to fostering greater innovation, collaboration, and engagement Most of us assume our success relies on a network of friends and close contacts. But innovative thinking requires a steady stream of fresh ideas and new possibilities, which strangers are more likely to introduce. Our survival instincts naturally cause us to look upon strangers with suspicion and distrust, but in The Necessity of Strangers, Alan Gregerman offers the provocative idea that engaging with strangers is an opportunity, not a threat, and that engaging with the right strangers is essential to unlocking our real potential. The Necessity of Strangers reveals how strangers challenge us to think differently about ourselves and the problems we face. Shows how strangers can help us innovate better, get the most out of each other, and achieve genuine collaboration Presents principles for developing a "stranger-centric" mindset to develop new markets and stronger customer relationships, leverage the full potential of partnerships, and become more effective leaders Includes practical guidance and a toolkit for being more open, creating new ideas that matter, finding the right strangers in all walks of life, and tapping the real brilliance in yourself To stay competitive, you and your business need access to more new ideas, insights, and perspectives than ever before. The Necessity of Strangers offers an essential guide to discovering the most exciting opportunities you haven't met yet.

Health Luck And Justice

Author by : Shlomi Segall
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Publisher by : Princeton University Press
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Description : "Luck egalitarianism"--the idea that justice requires correcting disadvantages resulting from brute luck--has gained ground in recent years and is now the main rival to John Rawls's theory of distributive justice. Health, Luck, and Justice is the first attempt to systematically apply luck egalitarianism to the just distribution of health and health care. Challenging Rawlsian approaches to health policy, Shlomi Segall develops an account of just health that is sensitive to considerations of luck and personal responsibility, arguing that people's health and the health care they receive are just only when society works to neutralize the effects of bad luck. Combining philosophical analysis with a discussion of real-life public health issues, Health, Luck, and Justice addresses key questions: What is owed to patients who are in some way responsible for their own medical conditions? Could inequalities in health and life expectancy be just even when they are solely determined by the "natural lottery" of genes and other such factors? And is it just to allow political borders to affect the quality of health care and the distribution of health? Is it right, on the one hand, to break up national health care systems in multicultural societies? And, on the other hand, should our obligation to curb disparities in health extend beyond the nation-state? By focusing on the ways health is affected by the moral arbitrariness of luck, Health, Luck, and Justice provides an important new perspective on the ethics of national and international health policy.

Posthumanism And Educational Research

Author by : Nathan Snaza
Languange : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : Focusing on the interdependence between human, animal, and machine, posthumanism redefines the meaning of the human being previously assumed in knowledge production. This movement challenges some of the most foundational concepts in educational theory and has implications within educational research, curriculum design and pedagogical interactions. In this volume, a group of international contributors use posthumanist theory to present new modes of institutional collaboration and pedagogical practice. They position posthumanism as a comprehensive theoretical project with connections to philosophy, animal studies, environmentalism, feminism, biology, queer theory and cognition. Researchers and scholars in curriculum studies and philosophy of education will benefit from the new research agendas presented by posthumanism.

Urban Youth And Photovoice

Author by : Melvin Delgado
Languange : en
Publisher by : Oxford University Press
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Description : The past decade brought forth a wave of excitement and promise for researchers and practitioners interested in community practice as an approach based on social justice principles and an embrace of community participatory actions. But, effective community practice is predicated on the availability and use of assessment methods that not only capture and report on conditions, but also simultaneously set the stage for social change efforts. This research, therefore, serves the dual purpose of generating knowledge and also being an integral part of social intervention. Research done in this way, however, requires new tools. Photovoice is one such tool - a form of visual ethnography that invites participants to represent their community or point of view through photographs, accompanied by narratives, to be shared with each other and with a broader community. Urban Youth and Photovoice focuses on the use of this method within urban settings and among adolescents and young adults - a group that is almost naturally drawn to the use of photography (especially digital and particularly in today's era of texting, facebook, and instagram) to showcase photovoice as an important qualitative research method for social workers and others in the social sciences, and providing readers with detailed theoretical and practical account of how to plan, implement, and evaluate the results of a photovoice project focused on urban youth.

Pushing Boundaries Students Remember 30 Years Of Wilderness Challenge

Author by : Jerry Barker, Ed.D.
Languange : en
Publisher by : Lulu Press, Inc
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Description : They were mostly inexperienced campers, “raising their hands” to take a big risk, exchanging their comfortable lives for a difficult week of mountaineering. Over 135 college students and alumni tell stories and share memories of teamwork and testing, disappointment and triumph. They pushed their limits, believed in themselves, and took time for personal reflection. Sometimes pain -- sore muscles, altitude sickness, and frozen toes -- seemed insurmountable. Yet in memory, overcoming physical challenges remains a source of great satisfaction. Persisting when they most want to quit teaches young people to think big. Exhaustion and discomfort can be dispelled by camaraderie and humility. In their futures, finding solutions to tough problems will require truly exceptional leadership. Whether they are called to lead, asked to lead, or forced to lead, all who dared those summits will be better prepared to meet any challenge they will face.

Brass Ankle Blues

Author by : Rachel M. Harper
Languange : en
Publisher by : Simon and Schuster
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Description : Embarking on a season at her family's summerhouse with her father and a cousin, teen Nellie Kincaid encounters first love, shifting family loyalties, and an emerging sense of self that raises her awareness of her diverse heritage.

Explore Create

Author by : Richard Garriott
Languange : en
Publisher by : Harper Collins
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : An inventor, adventurer, entrepreneur, collector, and entertainer, and son of legendary scientist-astronaut Owen Garriott, Richard Garriott de Cayeux has been behind some of the most exciting undertakings of our time. A legendary pioneer of the online gaming industry—and a member of every gaming Hall of Fame—Garriott invented the multi-player online game, and coined the term “Avatar” to describe an individual’s online character. A lifelong adventurer and member of the Explorers Club, Garriott has used the fortune he amassed from the gaming business to embark on a number of thrilling expeditions. He has plumbed the depths of the Atlantic ocean to see the remains of the Titanic, hunted for meteorites in Antarctica, and in 2008 became one of the first private citizens to be launched into space. Richard has been one of the foremost pioneers of the private space industry, investing his time and energy into making space travel more accessible. In this fascinating memoir, Garriott invites readers on the great adventure that is his life. Yet his is no ordinary autobiography; throughout, Garriott engages readers with interactive activities and challenges them with “secret codes” for his games. An audacious genius with an insatiable curiosity and an irrepressible playfulness, Garriott takes readers on an unforgettable intellectual experience that is enlightening, adventurous, and fun.

Eight Second

Author by : Mickey L. Dennis
Languange : en
Publisher by : Xlibris Corporation
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Description : The resurrection of Jesus is the central doctrine in my belief. The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:1920 that if only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be. But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. According to Paul, the entire Christian faith hinges upon the centrality of the resurrection of Jesus on the third day and the hope for a life after our own death. We, Christians, annually celebrate the resurrection or Jesus on the third day and the hope for a life after our own death. Christians annually celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter time as well as weekly by holding service on Sunday (the day of the week of Jesus's resurrection) or the Lords Day. The resurrection is further supported historically by the conversion of Paul. Not only was Paul a nonbeliever, but he was actually zealously persecuting Christians until his encounter with the resurrected Jesus (Acts 8:5, Acts 9:131). Moreover, Jesuss half-brother, James, was skeptical of Jesus until Jesus appeared to him too (Mark 6:34, John 7:35, 1 Corinthians 15:7). Indeed, James was so convinced by the resurrection that he became a leader at the Jerusalem church (Acts 15:1221). It is also attested in all four Gospels that women were the first to discover the empty tomb.