Man S Fate And God S Choice

Author by : Bhimeswara Challa
Languange : en
Publisher by : Trafford Publishing
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Description : The world today is facing a bewildering array of problems where human behavior is both brazen and bizarre. Those who are searching for a way out are daring to ask fundamental questions: What is man’s rightful place? Are we a doomed species? Is God becoming weary of mankind? In Man’s Fate and God’s Choice, Bhimeswara Challa shares his comprehensive study of human behavior that suggests that the very paradigm of our thinking is inappropriate for the current challenges we face. In a thoughtful, innovative presentation of ideas, Challa posits that any betterment in human behavior needs a cathartic change at the deepest level, ultimately reawakening the intelligence of the human heart. He begins by examining the greatest challenge of this generation of human beings and continues by placing the multiple identities of man in perspective, reviewing our growing insensitivity to human suffering. Finally, he looks to the living world for inspiration, metaphors, and models for human transformation. Man’s Fate and God’s Choice incisively covers an array of issues and proposes an agenda for action as it challenges those who see misery and ask “Why?” to also see the promise in the rainbow and then ask “Why not?”

Social And Gender Inequality In Oman

Author by : Khalid M. Al-Azri
Languange : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : Looking at the social, political and legal changes in Oman since 1970, this book challenges the Islamic and tribal traditional cultural norms relating to marriage, divorce and women’s rights which guide social and legal practice in the modern Omani state. The book argues that despite the establishment of legal instruments guaranteeing equality for all citizens, the fact that the state depends upon Islamic and tribal elites for its legitimacy invalidates these guarantees in practice. Two particular features of the legal and cultural regulation of marriage and marital rights are focused on - the perceived requirement for kafa’aor equality in marriage between so called high and low socio-economic status peoples is examined, and the institution of talaq, which grants greater rights to men than to women in appeals for divorce. This book addresses highly complex subjects with great rigor, in terms of empirical research and engagement with theory, sociological and political as well as theological and legal. It is an interesting investigation of the divisions of authority between the state, Islam and tribal norms, highlighting barriers to reform in both Oman and wider Islamic society, and advocating the removal of such obstacles.

The Hidden Creator

Author by : Hilton Hotema
Languange : en
Publisher by : Health Research Books
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Description : 1961 the world wants to know who, what, and where is the Creator. Ages of searching by great men have failed to find Him. If there is a Creator, it should be possible to locate Him. If there is none, then there is no answer to the question, What Powe.