My American Dream

Author by : Omar Raihanoune
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Description : In Morocco, we had a decent life as a couple, but as soon as we had our first child, we realized that we needed something more to support our family's needs. After talking to my cousins and my brother, who were living in the US, the American dream seemed to be the solution to our financial distress. Our journey in the US was never easy; there were many life-changing events. And although each one left a deep scar, in the end, we were better for it. Each one of those challenges thickened our skin and made us less vulnerable to face the next one. With each and every milestone and graduation of our kids, we confirmed that immigrating to the US was never a mistake. After twenty years of thinking we were chasing the American dream, we found out that we just had to look deep inside of each one of us to bring it to life. The American dream does not define who we are; we define ourselves by setting up what kind of dream we choose, and we start a journey chasing it.