Not Without My Daughter

Not Without My Daughter
Author: Betty Mahmoody,William Hoffer
Publsiher: Corgi
Total Pages: 436
Release: 1989
ISBN: 9780552133562
Category: Americans
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Not Without My Daughter Book Excerpt:

Betty Mahmoody went to Iran in 1984 with her Iranian husband for a short visit, but once there her husband and his family would not let her leave.; Some copies shelved with fiction.

Lost Without My Daughter

Lost Without My Daughter
Author: Sayed Mahmoody
Publsiher: Thistle Publishing
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2013-12-02
ISBN: 9781909869790
Category: Electronic Book
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Lost Without My Daughter Book Excerpt:

In 1987, American housewife Betty Mahmoody published Not Without My Daughter, which became a sensation. In the book, Betty claimed that she and Mahtob, her five-year-old daughter, had been kidnapped from the USA in 1984 and imprisoned in Tehran by her Iranian husband, Dr Sayed Mahmoody - aka 'Moody' - a man she vilified as a violent, sadistic monster. Betty's story culminated with a dramatic escape, as she takes her daughter from Iran over the Zagros Mountains and into Turkey. The book sold 12 million copies and inspired the 1991 Hollywood film of the same name, starring Oscar-winner Sally Field. For twenty years Betty's husband has kept silent. Now, in Lost Without My Daughter, Sayed Mahmoody finally reveals the astonishing truth. As well as being a moving, frank story of a once happy family's collapse, and a father's subsequent search for meaning in his life, Lost Without My Daughter is also a cultural and political history of Iran, from the revolution to the present day. Perhaps more than anything, it is an exercise in truth, the last-ditch attempt of a father desperate to reach his daughter, to let her know that he is not the monster he has been portrayed to be.

Escape From An Arab Marriage

Escape  From An Arab Marriage
Author: Cassandra
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 367
Release: 2006-12
ISBN: 142571644X
Category: Family & Relationships
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Escape From An Arab Marriage Book Excerpt:

Escape! From An Arab Marriage, Cassandra's first book, includes her personal story and documented stories of other women who became involved with Arab/Muslim men who have come from the Middle East. The women in these stories have learned firsthand the truth of how women are thought of in Islamic societies that 6th century traditional abuse and cruelty toward women, alive and well today, is still an everyday part of married life to an Arab/Muslim which includes abduction of any children to countries such as Saudi Arabia where they are forced to remain and where their heartbroken mothers can never see them again or bring them home. Also included in this book is a list of Islamic characteristics of marriages to Arab/Muslim males and of premarital relationships virtually every woman who becomes involved with these individuals inevitably finds herself facing. Not only has Cassandra herself had to survive such an environment, every person whose story is in this book has been the victim of a nightmare relationships she did not realize could exist in real life and that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many such stories which are never told because the women are too ashamed, too beaten down, or too afraid to tell anyone for fear of dire consequences for themselves or their children.

Media Literacy

Media Literacy
Author: Donaldo Pereira Macedo,Shirley R. Steinberg
Publsiher: Peter Lang
Total Pages: 748
Release: 2007
ISBN: 9780820486680
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Media Literacy Book Excerpt:


The U S Media and the Middle East

The U S  Media and the Middle East
Author: Yahya R. Kamalipour
Publsiher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Total Pages: 242
Release: 1997
ISBN: 9780275959142
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The U S Media and the Middle East Book Excerpt:

Experts portray the disturbing ramifications of media today and analyze the stereotypes and misconceptions that Americans have of Arabs and the United States impact on the Middle East.

Mediating Religion

Mediating Religion
Author: Jolyon P. Mitchell,Sophia Marriage
Publsiher: A&C Black
Total Pages: 770
Release: 2003-06-01
ISBN: 9780567088079
Category: Social Science
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Mediating Religion Book Excerpt:

This is the first book to bring together many aspects of the interplay between religion, media and culture from around the world in a single comprehensive study. Leading international scholars provide the most up-to-date findings in their fields, and in a readable and accessible way.Some of the topics covered include religion in the media age, popular broadcasting, communication theology, popular piety, film and religion, myth and ritual in cyberspace, music and religion, communication ethics, and the nature of truth in media saturated cultures.The result is not only a wide-ranging resource for scholars and students, but also a unique introduction to this increasingly important phenomenon of modern life.

Epic Encounters

Epic Encounters
Author: Melani McAlister
Publsiher: Univ of California Press
Total Pages: 436
Release: 2005-07-05
ISBN: 9780520244993
Category: History
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Epic Encounters Book Excerpt:

Examines how popular culture has shaped the ways Americans define their "interests" in the Middle East. Author McAlister argues that U.S. foreign policy, while grounded in material and military realities, is also developed in a cultural context. American understandings of the region are framed by narratives that draw on religious belief, news media accounts, and popular culture. This book skillfully weaves readings of film, media, and music with a rigorous analysis of U.S. foreign policy, race politics, and religious history.--From publisher description.

The Deep End of South Park

The Deep End of South Park
Author: Leslie Stratyner,James R. Keller
Publsiher: McFarland
Total Pages: 204
Release: 2014-01-10
ISBN: 0786453338
Category: Performing Arts
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Deep End of South Park Book Excerpt:

No American television show of the past decade has been vilified as has Comedy Central’s South Park. This is the show that has featured, in turn, a nine-year-old boy enmeshed in an affair with Ben Affleck, a maniacal Mel Gibson smearing feces everywhere, and the misadventures of Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo, a talking, bouncing, singing piece of poop. While it’s not always an exercise in good taste, South Park is a socially significant satire that has also devoted entire episodes to interpretations of Great Expectations, Ken Burns’ Civil War, and Hamlet. This volume explores the popularity and cultural relevance of South Park and its place as an artistically and politically worthy satire.


Author: John Tehranian
Publsiher: NYU Press
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2008-12-01
ISBN: 0814783279
Category: Law
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Whitewashed Book Excerpt:

Middle Easterners: Sometimes White, Sometimes Not - an article by John Tehranian The Middle Eastern question lies at the heart of the most pressing issues of our time: the war in Iraq and on terrorism, the growing tension between preservation of our national security and protection of our civil rights, and the debate over immigration, assimilation, and our national identity. Yet paradoxically, little attention is focused on our domestic Middle Eastern population and its place in American society. Unlike many other racial minorities in our country, Middle Eastern Americans have faced rising, rather than diminishing, degrees of discrimination over time; a fact highlighted by recent targeted immigration policies, racial profiling, a war on terrorism with a decided racialist bent, and growing rates of job discrimination and hate crime. Oddly enough, however, Middle Eastern Americans are not even considered a minority in official government data. Instead, they are deemed white by law. In Whitewashed, John Tehranian combines his own personal experiences as an Iranian American with an expert’s analysis of current events, legal trends, and critical theory to analyze this bizarre Catch-22 of Middle Eastern racial classification. He explains how American constructions of Middle Eastern racial identity have changed over the last two centuries, paying particular attention to the shift in perceptions of the Middle Easterner from friendly foreigner to enemy alien, a trend accelerated by the tragic events of 9/11. Focusing on the contemporary immigration debate, the war on terrorism, media portrayals of Middle Easterners, and the processes of creating racial stereotypes, Tehranian argues that, despite its many successes, the modern civil rights movement has not done enough to protect the liberties of Middle Eastern Americans. By following how concepts of whiteness have transformed over time, Whitewashed forces readers to rethink and question some of their most deeply held assumptions about race in American society.

How Hollywood Projects Foreign Policy

How Hollywood Projects Foreign Policy
Author: S. Totman
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 226
Release: 2009-10-26
ISBN: 0230101224
Category: Political Science
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

How Hollywood Projects Foreign Policy Book Excerpt:

This book examines US foreign policy toward the so-called 'rogue states' and the products of the Hollywood film industry in relation to these states, which promises to make a significant contribution to our understanding of the 'soft power' that is popular culture.

Words Not Swords

Words  Not Swords
Author: Farzaneh Milani
Publsiher: Syracuse University Press
Total Pages: 373
Release: 2011-05-16
ISBN: 0815651600
Category: Literary Criticism
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Words Not Swords Book Excerpt:

A woman not only needs a room of her own, as Virginia Woolf wrote, but also the freedom to leave it and return to it at will; for a room without that right becomes a prison cell. The privilege of self-directed movement, the power to pick up and go as one pleases, has not been a traditional "right" of Iranian women. This prerogative has been denied them in the name of piety, anatomy, chastity, class, safety, and even beauty. It is only during the last 160 years that the spell has been broken and Iranian women have emerged as a moderating, modernizing force. Women writers have been at the forefront of this desegregating movement and renegotiation of boundaries. Words, Not Swords explores the legacy of sex segregation and its manifestations in Iranian literature and film and in notions of beauty and the erotics of passivity. Milani expands her argument beyond Iranian culture, arguing that freedom of movement is a theme that crosses frontiers and dissolves conventional distinctions of geography, history, and religion. She makes bold connections between veiling and foot binding, between Cinderella and Barbie, between the figures of the female Gypsy and the witch. In so doing, she challenges cultural hierarchies that divert attention from key issues in the control of women across the globe.

Abusing Religion

Abusing Religion
Author: Megan Goodwin
Publsiher: Rutgers University Press
Total Pages: 166
Release: 2020-07-17
ISBN: 1978807805
Category: Religion
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Abusing Religion Book Excerpt:

Sex abuse happens in all communities, but American minority religions often face disproportionate allegations of sexual abuse. Why, in a country that consistently fails to acknowledge—much less address—the sexual abuse of women and children, do American religious outsiders so often face allegations of sexual misconduct? Why does the American public presume to know “what’s really going on” in minority religious communities? Why are sex abuse allegations such an effective way to discredit people on America’s religious margins? What makes Americans so willing, so eager to identify religion as the cause of sex abuse? Abusing Religion argues that sex abuse in minority religious communities is an American problem, not (merely) a religious one.

Not without My Child

Not without My Child
Author: Rebecca Winters
Publsiher: Harlequin
Total Pages: 230
Release: 2011-07-15
ISBN: 1459277929
Category: Fiction
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Not without My Child Book Excerpt:

SHOWCASE "Rebecca Winters is a master storyteller whose characters touch your heart." —Bonnie K. Winn TESSA MARSDEN. Her marriage was a mistake; her son, Scotty, was not. She loves her child with all her heart and soul. She's tried hard to make the marriage work, but this is a marriage that can't be saved. She knows now that she has to get out—before it completely destroys her and her husband, Grant. But when she files for divorce, Grant—for reasons of his own, reasons she doesn't understand—demands full custody of Scotty. Tessa can't live with that. She can't live without her child. ALEX SOMMERFIELD. He's the lawyer handling her divorce. He defies all the rules by falling love with his client. But he's determined not to put her custody case or her happiness at risk…. "Rebecca Winters is a sterling storyteller whose heroes and heroines make you believe all the warm, wonderful things love can be." —Betina Lindsey, author of The Swan Bride trilogy

Representing Post Revolutionary Iran

Representing Post Revolutionary Iran
Author: Hossein Nazari
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 232
Release: 2022-06-30
ISBN: 075561738X
Category: Literary Criticism
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Representing Post Revolutionary Iran Book Excerpt:

Memoirs of diasporic Iranian-American authors are a unique and culturally powerful way in which Iran, its politics and people are understood in the USA and the rest of the world. This book offers an analysis of the processes of production, promotion, and reception of these representations of post-revolutionary Iran. The book provides new perspectives on famous examples of the genre such as Betty Mahmoody's Not Without My Daughter, Azar Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books and Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Hossein Nazari places these texts in their social and political contexts, tracing their origins within the trope of the America captivity narrative as well as teasing out and critiquing neo-Orientalist tendencies within. The book analyzes the structural means by which stereotypes about Islam and women in the Islamic Republic in these narratives are privileged by news media and the creative industries, while also charting a growing number of 'counterhegemonic' memoirs which challenge these narratives by representing more nuanced accounts of life in Iran after 1979.

My Name is Mahtob

My Name is Mahtob
Author: Mahtob Mahmoody
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2015-12-03
ISBN: 0751563382
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

My Name is Mahtob Book Excerpt:

Two decades ago, Not Without My Daughter (a global phenomenon made into a film starring Sally Field) told of the daring escape of an American mother and her six-year-old child from an abusive and fanatical Iranian husband and father. Now the daughter tells the whole story, not only of her imprisonment and escape but of life after fleeing Iran: living in fear of re-abduction, battling recurring nightmares and panic attacks, taking on an assumed name, surviving life-threatening illness-all under the menacing shadow of her father. This is the story of an extraordinary young woman's triumph over life-crushing trauma to build a life of peace and forgiveness. Moving from Michigan to Tehran, from Ankara to Paris, Mahtob reveals the profound resilience of a wounded soul healed by her faith in God's goodness and his care and love for her

Strong Female Character

Strong Female Character
Author: Hanna Flint
Publsiher: Footnote Press
Total Pages: 255
Release: 2022-09-29
ISBN: 1804440051
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Strong Female Character Book Excerpt:

'At a time when fluff and gossip reign supreme, Hanna Flint's work is consistently insightful, informative and engaging all at once. I always finish reading it feeling just a tad bit smarter.' Candice Frederick, Huffington Post 'One of the smartest pop culture commentators out there.' Toby Moses, Guardian Hanna Flint speaks from the heart in Strong Female Character, a personal and incisive reflection on how cinema has been the key to understanding herself and the world we live in. A staunch feminist of mixed-race heritage, Hanna has succeeded in an industry not designed for people like her. Interweaving anecdotes from familial and personal experiences - episodes of messy sex, introspection, and that time actor Vincent D'Onofrio tweeted that Hanna Flint sounded 'like a secret agent' - she offers a critical eye on the screen's representation of women and ethnic minorities, their impact on her life, body image and ambitions, with the humour and eloquence that has made her a leading film critic of her generation. Divided into the sections Origin Story, Coming of Age, Adult Material, Workplace Drama and Strong Female Character, the book ponders how the creative industries could better reflect our multicultural society. Warm, funny and engaging and full of film-infused lessons, Strong Female Character will appeal to readers of all backgrounds and seeks to help us better see ourselves in our own eyes rather than letting others decide who and what we can be.

I m Not a Terrorist But I ve Played One On TV

I m Not a Terrorist  But I ve Played One On TV
Author: Maz Jobrani
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2016-02-16
ISBN: 147674999X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

I m Not a Terrorist But I ve Played One On TV Book Excerpt:

Previously published in hardcover: 2015.

Americanized Rebel Without a Green Card

Americanized  Rebel Without a Green Card
Author: Sara Saedi
Publsiher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2018-02-06
ISBN: 1524717819
Category: Young Adult Nonfiction
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Americanized Rebel Without a Green Card Book Excerpt:

In development as a television series from Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine production company and ABC Studios! This hilarious, poignant and true story of one teen's experience growing up in America as an undocumented immigrant from the Middle East is an increasingly necessary read in today's divisive world. Perfect for fans of Mindy Kaling and Trevor Noah's books. “Very funny but never flippant, Saedi mixes ‘90s pop culture references, adolescent angst and Iranian history into an intimate, informative narrative.” —The New York Times At thirteen, bright-eyed, straight-A student Sara Saedi uncovered a terrible family secret: she was breaking the law simply by living in the United States. Only two years old when her parents fled Iran, she didn't learn of her undocumented status until her older sister wanted to apply for an after-school job, but couldn't because she didn't have a Social Security number. Fear of deportation kept Sara up at night, but it didn't keep her from being a teenager. She desperately wanted a green card, along with clear skin, her own car, and a boyfriend. Americanized follows Sara's progress toward getting her green card, but that's only a portion of her experiences as an Iranian-"American" teenager. From discovering that her parents secretly divorced to facilitate her mother's green card application to learning how to tame her unibrow, Sara pivots gracefully from the terrifying prospect that she might be kicked out of the country at any time to the almost-as-terrifying possibility that she might be the only one of her friends without a date to the prom. This moving, often hilarious story is for anyone who has ever shared either fear. FEATURED ON NPR'S FRESH AIR A NYPL BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR A CHICAGO PUBLIC LIBRARY BEST OF THE BEST BOOK SELECTION A SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR FOUR STARRED REVIEWS! “A must-read, vitally important memoir. . . . Poignant and often LOL funny, Americanized is utterly of the moment.”—Bustle “Read Saedi’s memoir to push out the poison.”—Teen Vogue “A funny, poignant must read for the times we are living in today.”—Pop Sugar

Being Arab

Being Arab
Author: Paul Eid
Publsiher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2007
ISBN: 0773560378
Category: Religion
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Being Arab Book Excerpt:

Eid looks at the significance of religion to ethnic identity building, a largely understudied issue in ethnic studies, and the extent to which social and cultural practices are structured along ethnic and religious lines. Being Arab also analyzes whether gendered traditions act as identity markers for young Canadians of Arab descent and whether men and women hold different views on traditional gender roles, especially regarding power within romantic relationships and sexuality.

Iranian Identity American Experience

Iranian Identity  American Experience
Author: Roksana Alavi
Publsiher: Lexington Books
Total Pages: 167
Release: 2021-02-25
ISBN: 1498575102
Category: Philosophy
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Iranian Identity American Experience Book Excerpt:

Iranian Identity, American Experience: Philosophical Reflections on Race, Rights, Capabilities and Oppression is a multidisciplinary study of oppression using the Iranian American community as its case study. In current studies of oppression, there is little philosophical analysis or a theoretical framework to think about race from the perspective of an immigrant community in the United States that appears to be educated and affluent. Iranian Identity, American Experience fills this gap. Alavi discusses a theory of oppression that addresses not only the external oppression inflicted on people of color but also the everyday actions that leave them in oppressive situations. The book ends with suggestions for addressing oppression both individually and as a collective and for fighting to minimize its harms.