Indian Short Stories 1900 2000

Author by : I. Vi Rāmakr̥ṣṇan
Languange : en
Publisher by : Sahitya Akademi
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Description : The Forty Three Stories From Twenty One Languages Anthologised Here Reflect The Diversity And Complexity Of Life Lived In India. From The Violence And Mass Hysteria Of The Partition To The Supressed Rage And The Gnawing Self-Pity Of Individuals Trapped In Broken HomesýThese Stories Capture The Outer And The Inner Lives Of Indian Society. The Sacred And The Profane, The Elite And Subaltern Meet In Many-Layered Narratives In These Stories, Providing Us Metaphors To Visualize Ourselves. These Stories Map An Eventful Century During Which Our Country Emerged Into A Nation. The Images Gathered Here From The Haunted Interiors Of The Twentieth Century Are Both Disquieting And Illuminating.

Roots To Wings

Author by : B.L. Skinner
Languange : en
Publisher by : Page Publishing Inc
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Description : The ’80s of self-indulgence and “It’s all about me” has turned us into “Nobody understands what I am going through” and “Nobody cares.” There is power in the memoirs on the bookshelves today, with such authors as Dave Pelzer, Carol Burnett, Mackenzie Phillips, Ashley Judd, and Shania Twain. These authors are giving us positive nourishment and starting conversations. We are reconnecting with our neighbors across the street as well as across the globe, with two common threads—we are all human beings and we are not alone. These books allow a reader to open up at their own pace. The memoirs of today contain everything, from abandonment to the taboo. Still, these books are all basically one person talking to another, with the exception you know exactly what the subject is about. The books give you a voice that inspires you to take the next step to be able to talk to your family and friends. I have spent my life with some of the right people, but mostly all the wrong people, hoping they could show me I am a worthy human being. In this story, I have brought together all my challenges and teachers that are now my allies to tell the story of my life. In those seconds when you have looked soul to soul with someone to fight for your worth and your heart pounds and your mouth is dry, you can only hope that in those fleeting seconds they have looked deep enough to see you. We all want to have our voices heard; sometimes we just need a little help.

Death Society And Human Experience 1 Download

Author by : Robert Kastenbaum
Languange : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : Providing an understanding of the relationship with death, both as an individual and as a member of society. This book is intended to contribute to your understanding of your relationship with death, both as an individual and as a member of society. Kastenbaum shows how individual and societal attitudes influence both how and when we die and how we live and deal with the knowledge of death and loss. Robert Kastenbaum is a renowned scholar who developed one of the world's first death education courses and introduced the first text for this market. This landmark text draws on contributions from the social and behavioral sciences as well as the humanities, such as history, religion, philosophy, literature, and the arts, to provide thorough coverage of understanding death and the dying process. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers should be able to: -Understand the relationship with death, both as an individual and as a member of society -See how social forces and events affect the length of our lives, how we grieve, and how we die -Learn how dying people are perceived and treated in our society and what can be done to provide the best possible care -Master an understanding of continuing developments and challenges to hospice (palliative care). -Understand what is becoming of faith and doubt about an afterlife

High Impact Instruction

Author by : Jim Knight
Languange : en
Publisher by : Corwin Press
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Description : Small changes can lead to big results! Best-selling author Jim Knight presents the high-leverage strategies that make the biggest difference in student learning. Featuring checklists, numerous observation tools, and online videos of teachers implementing the practices, this revolutionary book focuses on the three areas of high-impact instruction: Content planning, including using guiding questions, learning maps, and formative assessment Instructional practices such as the use of thinking prompts, effective questions, challenging assignments, and experiential learning Community building, in which you shape a classroom culture that promotes well-being, creativity, learning, and high expectations

Writing Ourselves Whole

Author by : Jen Cross
Languange : en
Publisher by : Mango Media Inc.
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Creating books that will change your life Healing victims of sexual assault through transformative journaling: One in six women is the victim of sexual assault. Using her own hard-won wisdom, author Jen Cross shows how to heal through journaling and personal writing. Rape victims and victims of other sexual abuse: Writing Ourselves Whole is a collection of essays and creative writing encouragements for sexual trauma survivors who want to risk writing a different story. Each short chapter offers encouragement, experience, and exercises. Sections focus on writing as a transformative practice, embodying our story, how to write trauma without retraumatization, writing joy and desire, and more. How to change your life: When you can find language for the stories that are locked inside, you can change your life. Talk therapy can only go so far for the millions of Americans struggling in the aftermath of sexual abuse and sexual assault, as well as for their partners, families, and caregivers. Survivors of childhood sexual trauma are strong and vulnerable enough to bear witness to each other's truths, to share and learn new languages for our experiences, to throw over the simplistic “victim” and “survivor” narratives that permeate mainstream media in favor of narratives that are fragmented, complicated, messy, and ultimately more whole. Sexual assault survivors can heal themselves: Sexual trauma survivor communities (and their allies) have the capacity to hold and hear one another's stories – we do not have to relegate ourselves solely to the individual isolation of the therapist's office. We do not need to be afraid, as a community of fractured, harmed and healing survivors, of reaching out to and supporting one another. Books such as Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones and Louise DeSalvo's Writing as a Way of Healing beautifully describe the power of writing and offer practices for readers to engage with individually. Yet few creative writing or creative recovery books explicitly address sexual trauma survivor struggles to find language for their experience, nor do they describe the empowerment we might find in discovering language and expression for our delight, desire, and joy as well as our loss and pain. Writing Ourselves Whole specifically addresses the power of connecting with others who share our experience and can support us in finding language for subjects we not only are not supposed to talk about in polite company, but aren't even supposed to articulate to ourselves. Transformative journaling: Writing Ourselves Whole acknowledges the radical and profound impact of a creative healing community for trauma survivors, and includes suggestions for those seeking to create a peer writing group in their own communities. Writing Ourselves Whole rises out of the intersection of Natalie Goldberg's groundbreaking Writing Down the Bones, the powerful Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman, and the hopeful, angry struggle of Inga Muscio's Cunt. What You'll Learn Inside Writing Ourselves Whole: How to reconnect with your creative instinct through freewriting How freewriting can help you reclaim the parts of yourself, and your history, that you were never supposed to be able to name How "restorying" the old myths about sexual trauma survivors can set you free How a consistent writing practice can help reconnect you with your creative genius How (and why) to make writing part of your regular self-care routine — and why, if you don’t have a self-care routine, it’s time to develop one Why writing about your desires is at least as important as writing about violence The profound joy and power of writing in community and solidarity with other survivors


Author by : Timothy D. Wilson
Languange : en
Publisher by : Penguin Books
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Redirecting the stories you tell about yourself - and changing the stories others are telling about themselves - can help everyone, whether improving education and parenting skills or reducing crime, teen pregnancies, and drug and alcohol abuse. This timely, life-changing book offers practical advice that has been proven to give real results. Redirect will show you exactly how you can be happier and more successful, using only the power of your own stories. 'An intelligent person's guide to psychology . . . accessible, engaging . . . an instant classic.' Evening Standard 'Classy . . . satisfying . . . thoughtful.' Guardian 'A stimulating, valuable read.' New Scientist 'With a deft narrative touch . . . and a ferocious commitment to scientific evidence, Timothy Wilson has made a remarkable contribution to knowledge.' Robert Cialdini, author of Influence 'Compelling.' Atlantic 'Change is hard. Or is it? A keen observer of the human condition explains how tweaking our personal narratives can have a huge effect on our lives' Kirkus Reviews

True Stories Of A Psychic Empath Medium

Author by : Triza Schultz
Languange : en
Publisher by : Trafford Publishing
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : True Stories of a Psychic Empath Medium contains some of Triza Schultz’s most fascinating stories of her spiritual and paranormal life experiences, spanning chronologically from childhood through to adult life. Triza’s first clearly remembered spiritual vision occurred at the age of five. Paranormal encounters continued into her teen years and beyond, significantly shaping her views about universal spirituality and why we incarnate into the physical form. Through life stories and excerpts from twenty-two years of journaling, the reader is taken on a magical journey to parallel dimensions with spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones, past life episodes, as well as confrontations with the mischievous and a brush with the spiritual dark side. Triza encountered a major life change when she retired from a twenty-six year corporate human resources job in her mid-forties and moved to New Mexico. There she engaged in a deeply challenging journey through devastating physical disease that tested her belief in life’s purpose. She came through it all with knowledge of a great universal truth: we are deeply connected to each another, and love is the final word.

Let Me Tell You A Story

Author by : Jorge Bucay
Languange : en
Publisher by : Penguin
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Let Me Tell You a Story is a tender and delicate book about the search for happiness. Demián is highly strung young man, curious about the world and himself, but he has difficulty facing some of life’s everyday problems, those concerning work, his love life, and relationships with friends and family. He is eager to know more about himself and to learn how to confront life with gusto and serenity. In short, he wants what all of us want: to be happy and fulfilled. Demián finds Jorge, an unconventional psychoanalyst who approaches Demián’s dilemma in an unconventional way. Every day, Jorge tells Demián a story. At times they are classic fables, others modern stories, or folk tales, stories that have been revisited and reshaped by the analyst to help his young friend overcome his doubts and find happiness. They are, in short, stories that can help every one of us better understand ourselves, our relationships, and our fears.

Learning 2d Game Development With Unity

Author by : Matthew Johnson
Languange : en
Publisher by : Addison-Wesley Professional
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : The Unity Engine Tutorial for Any Game Creator ¿ Unity is now the world’s #1 game engine, thanks to its affordability, continuous improvements, and amazing global community. With Unity, you can design, code, and author your game once, and then deploy it to multiple platforms, reaching huge audiences and earning maximum returns. Learning 2D Game Development with Unity® will help you master Unity and build powerful skills for success in today’s game industry. It also includes a bonus rundown of the new GUI tools introduced in Unity’s version 4.6 beta. ¿ With this indispensable guide, you’ll gain a solid, practical understanding of the Unity engine as you build a complete, 2D platform-style game, hands-on. The step-by-step project will get you started fast, whether you’re moving to Unity from other engines or are new to game development. ¿ This tutorial covers the entire development process, from initial concept, plans, and designs to the final steps of building and deploying your game. It illuminates Unity’s newly integrated 2D toolset, covering sprites, 2D physics, game scripts, audio, and animations. Throughout, it focuses on the simplest and lowest-cost approaches to game development, relying on free software and assets. Everything you’ll need is provided. ¿ Register your book at to access assets, code listings, and video tutorials on the companion website. ¿ Learn How To Set up your Unity development environment and navigate its tools Create and import assets and packages you can add to your game Set up game sprites and create atlas sheets using the new Unity 2D tools Animate sprites using keyframes, animation controllers, and scripting Build a 2D game world from beginning to end Establish player control Construct movements that “feel right” Set up player physics and colliders Create and apply classic gameplay systems Implement hazards and tune difficulty Apply audio and particle effects to the game Create intuitive game menus and interface elements Debug code and provide smooth error handling Organize game resources and optimize game performance Publish your game to the web for others to see and play ¿

Stories Of Us

Author by : Bobby Sachdeva
Languange : en
Publisher by : Pan Macmillan
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Does saving your family’s honour trump personal happiness? Will the god be appeased if you overfeed him and not help the needy? Will the law protect the stray dog that tears an eight-year-old into shreds? Is a deceased manual scavenger just another statistic who risks his life for a cleaner future? In the voice of the common man, Bobby Sachdeva questions our everyday practices in an unorthodox manner in Stories of Us. From Rishi to Parth and Lata to Rajnath, the hard-hitting and honest narratives are sure to inspire the common person to rethink the values long etched in our belief system.