The History Of Terrorism

Author by : Gérard Chaliand
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Publisher by : Univ of California Press
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Description : First published in English in 2007 under title: The history of terrorism: from antiquity to al Qaeda.

Terrorism A Very Short Introduction

Author by : Charles Townshend
Languange : en
Publisher by : Oxford University Press
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Description : Is terrorism crime or war? Can there be a 'war against terrorism'? In this fully updated edition, Charles Townshend unravels the questions at the heart of the problem of terrorism - its causes, methods, effects and limitations - suggesting that it must be understood as a political strategy whose threat can be rationally grasped and answered.

Origins Of Terrorism

Author by : Walter Reich
Languange : en
Publisher by : Woodrow Wilson Center Press
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Description : Offers a study of the beliefs, goals, and other factors that cause groups and individuals to resort to violence to gain their political objectives.

Guerrilla Warfare

Author by :
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Publisher by : Transaction Publishers
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Description : As the author makes clear, every book has a history; Guerrilla Warfare is noexception. Together with its sequel Terrorism (and two companion readers) it was part of a wider study: to give a critical interpretation of guerrilla and terrorism theory and practice throughout history. It did not aim at providing a general theory of political violence, nor did it give instructions on how to conduct guerrilla warfare and terrorist operations. Its aim remains to bring about greater semantic and analytic clarity, and to do so at psychological as well as political levels. While the word guerrilla has been very popular, much less attention has been given to guerrilla warfare than to terrorism - even though the former has been politically more successful. The reasons for the lack of detailed attention are obvious: guerrilla operations take place far from big cities, in the countryside, in remote regions of a nation. In such areas there are no film cameras or recorders. In his probing new introduction, Laqueur points out that a review of strategies and the fate of guerrilla movements during the last two decades show certain common features. Both mainly concerned nationalists fighting for independence either against foreign occupants or against other ethnic groups within their own country. But despite the many attempts, only in two places—Afghanistan and Chechnya —were the guerrillas successful. According to Laqueur historical experience demonstrates that guerrilla movements have prevailed over incumbents only in specific conditions. Due to a constellation of factors, ranging from modern means of observation to increase in firepower. The author suggests that we may witness a combination of political warfare, propaganda, guerrilla operations and terrorism. In such cases, this could be a potent strategy for unsponsored revolutionary change. But either as social history or military strategy this work remains a crucial work of our times.

Death Society And Human Experience 1 Download

Author by : Robert Kastenbaum
Languange : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : Providing an understanding of the relationship with death, both as an individual and as a member of society. This book is intended to contribute to your understanding of your relationship with death, both as an individual and as a member of society. Kastenbaum shows how individual and societal attitudes influence both how and when we die and how we live and deal with the knowledge of death and loss. Robert Kastenbaum is a renowned scholar who developed one of the world's first death education courses and introduced the first text for this market. This landmark text draws on contributions from the social and behavioral sciences as well as the humanities, such as history, religion, philosophy, literature, and the arts, to provide thorough coverage of understanding death and the dying process. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers should be able to: -Understand the relationship with death, both as an individual and as a member of society -See how social forces and events affect the length of our lives, how we grieve, and how we die -Learn how dying people are perceived and treated in our society and what can be done to provide the best possible care -Master an understanding of continuing developments and challenges to hospice (palliative care). -Understand what is becoming of faith and doubt about an afterlife


Author by : Judith Palmer Harik
Languange : en
Publisher by : I.B.Tauris
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Description : The definitive book on Hezbollah and their origins and transformation

The 9 11 Wars

Author by : Jason Burke
Languange : en
Publisher by : Penguin UK
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Description : DAILY TELEGRAPH, ECONOMIST AND INDEPENDENT BOOKS OF THE YEAR Throughout the 1990s a vast conflict was brewing. The storm broke on September 11th 2001. Since then much of the world has seen invasions, bombings, battles and riots. Hundreds of thousands of people have died. Jason Burke, a first-hand witness of many of the conflict's key moments, has written the definitive account of its course in his acclaimed book The 9/11 Wars. At once investigation, reportage and contemporary history, The 9/11 Wars is an essential book for understanding the dangerous and unstable twenty-first century. Whether reporting on the riots in France or the attack on Mumbai, suicide bombers in Iraq or British troops fighting in Helmand, Jason Burke tells the story of a world that changed forever when the hijacked planes flew out of the brilliant blue sky above Manhattan on September 11th. Reviews: 'The best overview of the 9/11 decade so far in print' Economist 'A magisterial history of the last decade ... The long patient sentences of The 9/11 Wars are suffused with the melancholy of a man who has learned a great deal from long exposure to atrocity and folly' Pankaj Mishra, Guardian 'The 9/11 Wars warrants great respect' Metro 'Pacy, well-researched, and packed with telling anecdotes, this book's strength is in its detailed, balanced overview ... At a time when there are more books out on terrorism than ever before ... this is likely to be among the best' Sunday Telegraph '[Burke] is one of the most respected and experienced foreign correspondents in the business ... A major authority on the politics and organisation of Islamic extremism and ... a talented writer with the rare gift of joining effortless prose to challenging scholarship ... [The 9/11 Wars] is a magnificent achievement' Irish Times 'A reader wanting a more dispassionate survey of how 9/11, and the response to it, may have shaped parts of the world will do no better than invest in [this] brilliant book' David Aaronovitch, The Times 'This remarkably balanced, well-sourced and very well-written book ... will be turned to in the future ... [Burke] has demonstrated impressive expertise as a historian who has had the advantage of having been present on many of the battlefields he describes' Andrew Roberts, Evening Standard '[A] lucid, sane account ... taut, careful reporting ... Remarkable' Scotsman 'Potent ... journalism of a high order. Like all good reporters, Burke is something of a scholar, drawing meticulously on interview notes years old, and on extensive background reading. He excels, too, in describing the experiences of ordinary Muslims; such insights make this book essential for understanding the past decade' Sunday Times About the author: Jason Burke is the South Asia correspondent for the Guardian. He has reported around the world for both the Guardian and the Observer. He is the author of two other widely praised books, both published by Penguin: Al-Qaeda and On the Road to Kandahar. He lives in New Delhi.

The Here Now Reproducible Book Of United We Stand

Author by : Carole Marsh
Languange : en
Publisher by : Gallopade International
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Description : Timely, factual, sensitive information for children about America's response to terrorism. Includes: What is War? Why Do We Fight Them? A Brief History of Terrorism in the World Why Do They Hate Us? Afghans, Turbans, and Beards: Who is Who and How Do We Tell Them Apart? Who is Osama Bin Laden? Fighting War Today? Electronic Hot Pursuit': Computers and War What's All This Talk About chemical and Germ Warfare? Keeping a Cool Head: Separating Fact from Rumor and Guesses What Should I Really Be Afraid Of? Normalsville: When Will the End Be in Sight? Why the World is Determined to Fight Terrorism Turning Point: September 11, 2001 Resolve vs. Revenge Seeking Justice The Religion of Islam and the Muslims Who Practice It Tolerance and Understanding Diplomacy vs. War Afghanistan and the Middle East War Yesterday and Today How Good Can Come From Bad The Only Thing We Have to Fear... Pride and Patriotism Faith and Hope Glossary Further Resources, and more! Who's keeping our kids updated on the War on Terrorism? We are! Click on the links below to download. War on Terrorism--what's happened since September 11 What's happening in Iraq today? How has life changed for America? Vocabulary activity (Glossary) Diary worksheet Shoes Make News--coloring puzzle activity Who's on our side?--fill in the blanks puzzle Flag Find--Find the American flags and color them and the rest of the picture

A History Of Islamic Societies

Author by : Ira M. Lapidus
Languange : en
Publisher by : Cambridge University Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : An accessible worldwide history of Muslim societies provides updated coverage of each country and region, in a volume that discusses their origins and evolution while offering insight into historical processes that shaped contemporary Islam and surveying its growing influence. Simultaneous. (Social Science)

Hatred S Kingdom

Author by : Dore Gold
Languange : en
Publisher by : Regnery Publishing
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Description : The former Israeli ambassador to the U.N. takes a close-up look at international terrorism, the radical Wahab Islam sect and their promotion of Islamic extremism, and the role of Saudi Arabia in promoting and sustaining terrorist activity.