The Anaemic Leukaemic

Author by : John Fee
Languange : en
Publisher by : Author House
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Description : The first half of the book explains that the treatment is a brutal regime, but there are light-hearted moments. In the second half of the book, the author describes what he learned about cancer such as what cancer is, the prevalence of cancer, the role of the pharmaceutical industry, and how cancer is treated in the West as compared to complementary therapies in the East. He asks ‘Why me?’ and discovers physical, mental and spiritual reasons to explain why cancer decided to pay him a visit. The concept of miraculous or spontaneous remissions appears to be largely ignored by the medical profession but is a major interest to the author, along with other healing methods outside the Western orthodox model. The book finishes with a message of hope through the development of a ‘Simple Man’s Cancer Model’ which provides a framework for healing to take place based on personal experience, studying spontaneous healings, a large dose of common sense and a sprinkling of anecdotal evidence. The author suggests that certain changes need to take place within an individual for healing to occur. How the person makes those changes is a personal choice, as there are numerous healers, books, workshops and seminars where such information and healing can be obtained. The final chapter suggests that ‘Integrated Healthcare’ could be the next step forward and invites the reader to imagine and, more importantly, help to create a world without cancer.

Freedom Is

Author by : Brandon Bays
Languange : en
Publisher by : New World Library
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Description : A gentle guide to fulfilling one's potential counsels readers on how to achieve wisdom and enlightenment by tapping inner resources, in an anecdotal reference that discusses such topics as the simple art of being, learning how to be in the moment, and guided meditation.

Religion In Consumer Society

Author by : François Gauthier
Languange : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : Presenting an overview of an emerging field in the study of contemporary religion, this book, together with a complementary volume Religion in the Neoliberal Age, explores issues of religion, neoliberalism and consumer society. Claiming that we have entered a new phase that implies more than the recasting of state-religion relations, the authors examine how religious changes are historically anchored in modernity but affected by the commoditization, mediatization, neoliberalization and globalization of society and social life. Religion in Consumer Society explores religion as both shaped by consumer culture and as shaping consumer culture. Following an introduction which critically analyses studies on consumer culture and integrates scholarship in the sociology of religion, this book explores the following topics: how consumerism and electronic media have shaped globalized culture, and how this is affecting religion; the dynamics and characteristics of often overlooked middle-class religion, and how these relate to globalization and differences between 'developed' and 'emerging' countries; emerging trends, and how we understand phenomena as different as mega churches and holistic spiritualistic journeys, and how the pressures of consumer culture act on religious traditions, indigenous and exogenous; the politics of religious phenomena in the Age of Neoliberalism; and the hybrid areas emerging from these reconfigurations of religion and the market. Outlining changes in both the political-institutional and cultural spheres, the contributors offer an international overview of developments in different countries and state of the art representation of religion in the new global political economy.