The Path To Personal Power

Author by : Napoleon Hill
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Publisher by : Penguin
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Description : This true lost manuscript from the "grandfather of self-help," Napoleon Hill provides timeless wisdom on how to attain a more successful and wealthy life using simple principles. Napoleon Hill first wrote The Path to Personal Power in 1941, intending it as a handbook for people lifting themselves out of the Great Depression. But upon the bombing of Pearl Harbor and America's entrance into World War II, these lessons were put aside and largely forgotten--until today. Discovered in the archives of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, this never-before-published work is made up of three easily digested lessons, each its own chapter: Definteness of Purpose; the Master Mind; and Going the Extra Mile. This concise book is a powerful roadmap that leads to a single discovery--you already have the power to attain whatever wealth, success, and prosperity you desire in life. All you need to do is walk the path without straying, and the rest will follow. Using these lessons, you have principles to live by that will help you stay on your own personal path to power, and achieve success that you never thought possible.

Summary Of Napoleon Hill S The Path To Personal Power By Milkyway Media

Author by : Milkyway Media
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Publisher by : Milkyway Media
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Description : In 1908 Napoleon Hill purportedly met American industrialist Andrew Carnegie. In a series of interviews, Carnegie laid out his secrets to success and charged Hill with seeking further wisdom from other successful individuals including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Dr. Elmer Gates… Purchase this in-depth summary to learn more.

Healing Our Country Healing Ourselves

Author by : Charles White
Languange : en
Publisher by : BalboaPress
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Description : Healing Our Country, Healing Ourselves: The Path To Personal Power is both a unique form of service to my country and an intimate account of my attempt to find meaning in the second half of life, first by uncovering and integrating the key lessons contained in the first half, then by putting those new understandings into action, by living them. I see it as a contemporary interweaving of Hermann Hesse’s classic novel, Siddhartha, and James Hollis’ What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life.

Moon Rites

Author by : Michelle Royce
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Description : Moon Rites by Michelle Royce shines the light on the feminine path to personal power and enables women to connect with their unique spirituality.

The Path To Personal Freedom

Author by : Frederick A. Patchen
Languange : en
Publisher by : Xlibris Corporation
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : What I share in this book is my mission in life. That is why I refer to myself as a missionary. There is a second reason for this idea. I believe that we each have a sage who lives within our spiritual being in life. It is as if this sage cannot be found because of the fog of day to day living. We must learn how to be quiet and listen to our own heart in understanding that we can identify those things around us that are positive at all times. Each of us has a voice that some call a conscience, some call a guide, and some call an angel. It is something intelligent that looks out for us and lets us know if we are getting into trouble along the way. I very deeply feel that this inner sage also has a mission. This sage is our own inner missionary. However, this inner missionary is unlike any you may have heard of in the world around us. This missionary will never infringe. It teaches by the example I want to share with each of you. We must learn the power of not infringing on others or allowing them to infringe upon us. As this is their mission, they will not infringe upon any choice you make in life. They allow you to experience the result of that choice on your own in order that you might learn that different choices bring different results into our life. I will use the word sage and missionary interchangeably throughout this book.

Pathways Of Personal Power

Author by : Marge the Angel Lady
Languange : en
Publisher by : Balboa Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : SAMARA SERIES Book #1 Finding My Way Most of us grew up being told we have to do this, we should do that, and we cant ever, ever do that! We believed those things because that is what we were taught by our parents, guardians, teachers, the media and our legal system. Most of those belief structures are still there undermining our happiness and causing us to make choices to stay stuck with some of us stuck in guilt or shame. These teachings in Pathways of Personal Power are channeled from an angelic entity named Samara, offering information, insights, advice, and practical techniques and exercises to help you make profound changes in your life, by clearing out those old ways of thinking or acting including habit patterns, blockages, limitations, negativity and other resistance, you may not even know you have. It also explains how we got here, the choices we made, and how to reprogram yourself to encourage and attract what you want in life, so you can have what you prefer NOW! A GREAT BOOK FOR 12 STEPPERS

Let Go Let It Flow

Author by : Julian Kaufmann
Languange : en
Publisher by : Dog Ear Publishing
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Let go, release, and be at peace! Would you like to have a simple framework based on scientific principles to help you get more done in your life, with less effort and less waste? In Let Go! Let It Flow: The PATH to Peace and Personal Power, electrical energy expert Julian Kaufmann shares his groundbreaking discovery on how to more fully tap into your personal power and do more with less. After experiencing his own spiritual transformation and discovering the parallels between science and spiritual teachings, Julian presents four Flowgates that regulate the amount of Flow one experiences in life. Let Go! Let It Flow turns us on to the convenient truth that we have the power. The trick is how well we use this energy, and Julian presents a PATH to optimize the most precious resource there is—your life.

Personal Power Books

Author by : William Walker Atkinson
Languange : en
Publisher by : Cosimo, Inc.
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Presented here in its original 12-volume series, the Personal Power Books are a set of self-help books designed to be carefully studied to develop personal power. In the Foreword to Volume I, personal power is defined as "The ability of strength possessed by the human individual, by which he does, or may, accomplish desired results in an efficient manner, along the lines of physical, mental, and spiritual effort and endeavor." In other words, these books describe the methods to attaining control and power in your own life, whether it be financial, physical, mental, or emotional--certainly a worthy goal for any individual. Volume VII shows how to reach and use your spiritual and intellectual power. It talks about the spirit as essential to life, as well as being an essential power, and relates spiritual power to creation, the Creator, and the cosmos. American writer WILLIAM WALKER ATKINSON (1862-1932) was editor of the popular magazine New Thought from 1901 to 1905 and editor of the journal Advanced Thought from 1916 to 1919. He authored dozens of New Thought books under numerous pseudonyms, including the name "Yogi," some of which are likely still unknown today.

Questions Answers On The Path Of Ascension And Self Realization

Author by : Joshua Stone
Languange : en
Publisher by : iUniverse
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : This is a most wonderful book of Spiritual and Psychological guidance in a question and answer format covering a wide range of fascinating topics! This book answers a great many age-old questions of life that all on the Spiritual Path seek answers to. Of the 40 books Dr. Stone has channeled and written, this may be one of the most interesting because the wide range of questions students and friends have asked him and he has here catalogued for you. This book literally answers just about every question one can think of on a Spiritual, Psychological and Physical/Earthly level as it relates to the Path of Self Realization and God Realization!

Personal Power Through Awareness

Author by : Sanaya Roman
Languange : en
Publisher by : New World Library
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Shares the wisdom of Orin, a spirit teacher, concerning how to express love, make use of one's psychic abilities, use telepathy, deal with one's emotions, and look into the future