The Science Of Winning Love

Author by : Wallace D Wattles
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Description : THE SCIENCE OF WINNING LOVE + FREE BONUS Grab This GREAT Physical Book Now at a Limited-Time Discounted Price! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! "There is a science of winning love and the essential part of this science consists in making the very most of yourself. Since your life's happiness, in the last analysis, must depend upon the happiness and harmony of your love relationships you should study deeply along these lines. Love is an effect and like causes always produce like effects. You can learn how to win the love of others by cultivating within yourself that which must unfailingly attract love from others. When you have learned this you have mastered the secret of happiness." - Wallace D, Wattles, "What the World Owes Us" Did Wallace D. Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Well, and The Science of Being Great, ever write The Science of Winning Love? The short answer is no. However, fortunately for us all, Mr. Wattles did write extensively on the science of winning love. This book contains a collection of those writings. To sweeten the deal, a free bonus has even been added to this book! As a thank you for purchasing this book, inside you'll receive free access to the publisher's "Constructive Science 101: 3 Keys to Getting What You Want" minicourse. It's a 4-part email course sent to you every other day in which you'll discover Wallace D. Wattles' simple, easy-to-understand formula for success and lots more. Plus, you'll get a free subscription to the publisher's Constructive Science Newsletter filled with all-new, 100% original self-development tips and strategies to skyrocket your success. That minicourse and newsletter are yours for free as a thank you for purchasing this book! About the Author Wallace D. Wattles (1860-1911), who's best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, was a late 19th/early 20th century American author who primarily wrote new thought and self-development books and articles. Although very little is known about him, his works are widely quoted and remain in print. Here's a Preview of What's Included Inside This Book... Introduction FREE BONUS Scientific Marriage God: The Servant of Man Marital Unhappiness: A New Remedy Courtship by Absent Treatment A Second Courtship What the World Owes Us As a Grain of Mustard Seed Marital Happiness Conclusion About Wallace D. Wattles About Tony Mase Other Books from Tony Mase Order your copy of this fantastic book today! This book is jam-packed with information, straight from Wallace D. Wattles. You even get access to an invaluable free bonus! If you're serious about your life, and if you'd like to win the love of others, scroll up and click or tap the "Add..." or "Buy..." button now. You really have nothing to lose! See you on the inside.

Doing Magic

Author by : Genevieve Davis
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Description : Doing Magic is book two of a complete course in becoming creator of your own exceptional life. In these two books, I outline the exact steps which enabled me to move my own life from one of poverty and drudgery, to one of previously unimaginable wealth, love, purpose and joy. 'But Magic? I do hope you are joking!' That's what I would have said, five or ten years ago. I once despised all things 'New-Age', all these spiritual types and their airy-fairy views, their bad science and their irrational beliefs. I read all the great Law of Attraction writers, Wallace Wattles, Anthony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, Napoleon Hill, Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer. But no matter how closely I followed their instructions for manifesting love, money or happiness, I couldn't make it work. It was only when I recognised, accepted and finally embraced that what I was doing was actually some kind of Magic that suddenly things began to fall into place. Once I realised that the power came from within me, it was as if the light had suddenly been switched on. I learned how to manifest money and love, but I also learned how to be happy, truly happy. If you're jaded by the whole New-Age idea of The Laws of Attraction, and have become bored by their failure to deliver... these books are for you. It is my intention to lead you by the hand through a marvellous journey of wonder and adventure. Part one of this course, Becoming Magic, laid the groundwork for becoming a magical person, while this second book, Doing Magic, offers concrete techniques and instructions for bringing wonderful things into your life. The plan is to build your knowledge slowly, gradually, building on what has gone before, moving on to more complex techniques only once the basics are mastered. So many people fail with Magic and the Law of Attraction because they rush headlong into using techniques, trying to create enormous manifestations, making very simple but crucial mistakes. When they are disappointed, they imagine they have been duped. The sceptics are right. This is all a load of scammy nonsense. And they give up, declaring it just doesn't work. I am telling you that it does work. And you can make it work. And these books will show you how. My intention is that these books will allow you to become a true creator of your own life, reawakening and rekindling your belief and interest in The Laws of Attraction, Cosmic Ordering, Manifesting Reality or whatever you wish to call it. I prefer simply to call it Magic.