Will Privacy Law In The 21st Century Be American European Or International

Author by : Philipp E. Fischer
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Description : Intermediate Examination Paper from the year 2010 in the subject Law - Comparative Legal Systems, Comparative Law, grade: befriedigend, Queen Mary University of London (Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS)), course: International Studies in Intellectual Property Law (LL.M.) - End of first term dissertation, language: English, comment: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and loose both." Benjamin Franklin, abstract: Rapidly developing technologies are providing new and very powerful means to sort, combine and analyse data. This data exists in a networked environment, thus personal information can be collected and processed on any computer on the Net and is, at least in theory, accessible by every computer on the Net. The development of the Internet has made it possible to transfer this data "around the globe at the click of a mouse." Fresh business models such as "cloud computing," the newest "driver to illustrate the speed and breadth of the environment," allow this data to be processed across national borders on a routine basis. Individuals and companies are "increasingly immersed in social networking, search technologies, online commerce and many other activities in which information about an individual is sent worldwide from one point to another." These activities became more and more borderless, because the Internet, as an open window to the world, blurs the lines between public and private space, firstly since globalisation and the outsourcing of economic actors entrain an ever growing exchange of personal data, additionally because of the security pressure in the name of the legitimate fight against terrorism opens the access to a significant number of data to an increasing number of public authorities and finally this is due the tools of the digital society accompany everyone at each stage of life by leaving permanently individual and borderless traces in both space and time. Therefore, ca

Managers And The Legal Environment Strategies For The 21st Century

Author by : Constance E. Bagley
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Publisher by : Cengage Learning
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Description : Equip your students with the legal and risk management knowledge essential for success in business management today with Bagley's MANAGERS AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT: STRATEGIES FOR THE 21st CENTURY, 7E. Recognized and respected for its cutting-edge coverage and strategic approach, this book offers one of the most comprehensive, challenging, and understandable presentations of legal environments available today. In-depth coverage throughout this edition works with proven management learning features to illustrate how the law impacts daily management decisions and business strategies. Future managers learn how to use principles of law to minimize risk and create value, attain core business objectives, identify and resolve legal issues before they become problems, and effectively handle legal disputes. This edition streamlines coverage of real estate, courts, and ADR to emphasize key principles, while new coverage highlights developments, such as the Dodd-Frank Statute and new legal dilemmas. Integrate today's law with effective management in a presentation that's ideal for both current and future business managers with MANAGERS AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT: STRATEGIES FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, 7E. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

International Economic Law In The 21st Century

Author by : Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann
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Publisher by : Bloomsbury Publishing
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Description : The state-centred 'Westphalian model' of international law has failed to protect human rights and other international public goods effectively. Most international trade, financial and environmental agreements do not even refer to human rights, consumer welfare, democratic citizen participation and transnational rule of law for the benefit of citizens. This book argues that these 'multilevel governance failures' are largely due to inadequate regulation of the 'collective action problems' in the supply of international public goods, such as inadequate legal, judicial and democratic accountability of governments vis-a-vis citizens. Rather than treating citizens as mere objects of intergovernmental economic and environmental regulation and leaving multilevel governance of international public goods to discretionary 'foreign policy', human rights and constitutional democracy call for 'civilizing' and 'constitutionalizing' international economic and environmental cooperation by stronger legal and judicial protection of citizens and their constitutional rights in international economic law. Moreover intergovernmental regulation of transnational cooperation among citizens must be justified by 'principles of justice' and 'multilevel constitutional restraints' protecting rights of citizens and their 'public reason'. The reality of 'constitutional pluralism' requires respecting legitimately diverse conceptions of human rights and democratic constitutionalism. The obvious failures in the governance of interrelated trading, financial and environmental systems must be restrained by cosmopolitan, constitutional conceptions of international law protecting the transnational rule of law and participatory democracy for the benefit of citizens.

Handbook Of Information Security Information Warfare Social Legal And International Issues And Security Foundations

Author by : Hossein Bidgoli
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Publisher by : John Wiley & Sons
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Description : The Handbook of Information Security is a definitive 3-volume handbook that offers coverage of both established and cutting-edge theories and developments on information and computer security. The text contains 180 articles from over 200 leading experts, providing the benchmark resource for information security, network security, information privacy, and information warfare.

Privacy Invading Technologies And Privacy By Design

Author by : Demetrius Klitou
Languange : en
Publisher by : Springer
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Description : Privacy-invading technologies (PITs) such as Body scanners; Public space CCTV microphones; Public space CCTV loudspeakers and Human-implantable microchips (RFID implants/GPS implants) are dealt with in this book. The book shows how and why laws that regulate the design and development of privacy-invading technologies (PITs) may more effectively ensure the protection of privacy than laws that only regulate data controllers and the use of such technologies. The premise is supported and demonstrated through a discussion on these four specific PITs as case studies. In doing so, the book overall attempts to explain how laws/regulations that mandate the implementation of Privacy by Design (PBD) could potentially serve as a viable approach for collectively safeguarding privacy, liberty and security in the 21st Century. This book will be of interest to academic researchers, law practitioners, policy makers and technology researchers.

Seeking Asylum In The Uk

Author by : Colin Harvey
Languange : en
Publisher by : Cambridge University Press
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Description : An examination of the emergence of the legal regime in the United Kingdom addressing refugees and asylum seekers.

International Law In The 21st Century

Author by : Christopher C. Joyner
Languange : en
Publisher by : Rowman & Littlefield
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Description : In the freshest new international law text in 20 years, Christopher C. Joyner offers a critical assessment of international legal rules in the early 21st century as they are applied by governments to the real world. Looking at concepts and principles, processes and critical problems, Joyner steers clear of an old-time case method approach, preferring to treat issues thematically. He shows the challenges of international law in terms of peace, security, human rights, the environment, and economic justice. Particular features of the book include engaging vignettes, clearly defined key terms, and special coverage of emerging topics including common spaces; international criminal law; rules, norms, and regimes; and trade relations and commercial exchange. Through it all, Joyner maintains an intent focus on the role of the individual in the evolving international legal order.

Security Technologies For The World Wide Web

Author by : Rolf Oppliger
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Publisher by : Artech House
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Description : This newly revised edition of the Artech House bestseller brings you the most, up-to-date, comprehensive analysis of the current trends in WWW security available, with brand new chapters on authentication and authorization infrastructures, server-side security, and risk management. You also find coverage of entirely new topics such as Microsoft.NET Passport. From HTTP security, firewalls and proxy servers, cryptographic security protocols, electronic payment systems. to public key infrastructures, authentication and authorization infrastructures, and client-side security, the book offers an in-depth understanding of the key technologies and standards used to secure the World Wide Web, Web-based applications, and Web services.

International Investment Law And Arbitration

Author by : Todd Weiler
Languange : en
Publisher by : Cameron May
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Description : Essays on leading cases of international investment law.

Privacy In The 21st Century

Author by : Alexandra Rengel
Languange : en
Publisher by : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
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Description : In Privacy in the 21st Century Alexandra Rengel offers an assessment of the International right to privacy within both a historical and modern context with a focus on the legal aspects of the right, its evolution and its future protection.